Win elections by activating your volunteers

Volunteers make the difference between winning or losing an election by picking up the campaign slack.

Their work can boost up to 10% of poll results, if you lead them well!

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Take action

Send volunteers on quests based on their skill, interests, and availability

Be informed

View live information on what’s being done, and what’s yet to be completed

Achieve your goals

Find out who are your most active supporters, and let them boost your campaign!

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Good volunteer management makes real impact

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Trust your volunteers with tasks

Volunteers are the people knocking on doors, sending text messages, cold-calling voters, attending campaign events, and smiling in photo-ops.

Canvassing, recruitment, social media activity, and office support are only a few of the things your volunteers can do for your campaign.

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Be clear and organised

Make sure your volunteers know exactly where and when to help. They can carry excitement to the people you cannot reach directly.

They need to get relevant information from you quickly, and know where to address their questions and issues.

Learn from your success

Communicating on a software platform will let you analyse the activities later, and learn from the process.

It is vital to have good data about who your most devoted supporters are, and how much they have achieved for the campaign.

Volunteers make all the difference

Join this list of successful political campaigns that used Zelos.

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“Managing a nationwide presidential campaign would be impossible without technology. Zelos saved us lots of time when managing the vast amount of volunteers.”

Deimantė Žebrauskaitė
Campaign Manager, Ingrida Šimonytė 2019 Presidential Campaign – Lithuania

600 volunteers using the Zelos app
20,000 candidacy signatures
443,394 final votes received
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Ingrida Šimonytė for President of Lithuania campaign 2019Read more
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