Mobilize communities for disaster relief

  • 1. Recruit

  • 2. Alert

  • 3. React

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Volunteer rescue

Manage large groups of volunteers quickly at time of emergency

Up to date volunteer profiles (GDPR compliant)

Send volunteers to work based on available skills and equipment

Created by professionals

Advised by the Estonian Volunteer Rescue Association – a nationwide network of all rescue volunteers. Built in Estonia, the world’s leading digital nation.

Here's how it works

Zelos grid
Zelos grid

For Organizers

A volunteer management software for disaster relief

Easily sign up volunteers via desktop or mobile.

Target alerts based on volunteers’ location, skill and profile data

Share information quickly and efficiently

Get instant standardized feedback

1. Activate and Mobilize your community

Organize your community efficiently before and during the crisis. Alert the relevant people and get their real-time response!

Be prepared

Have a detailed overview of available human resources and equipment.

Alert the team

Send updates instantly to one or several teams.

Build on the desire to help

Find useful tasks for more people.

2. Always up-to-date information

Have relevant and up-to-date information about volunteers’ skills, trainings, equipment etc.

Live information

All information is live and can be updated by administrators or volunteers themselves.

Full paper trail

All activities are logged in a database for later reporting.

3. Engage and educate

Give volunteers a sense of belonging in quiet times and keep them ready to go throughout the year.

Send relevant updates

Keep your volunteers interested at all times.

Get feedback

See who has read and understood important materials.

Track knowledge of different topics

Arrange virtual trainings.

Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard
Zelos long background grid
Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard

For Volunteers

Easy access for the volunteers:

Use your existing skills to help at time of emergency.

Show your readiness to support the community.

Get instant alerts when you are needed.

1. Quick signup

Easy sign up even in times of emergency to stay united throughout the crisis.

Easy approval queque

No long waiting times for application processing.

Simple self-sign up

Register whenever wherever!

2. React fast

Know exactly when, where, why, and how you can help.

Keep track of everything with the Zelos app.

Smart alerts

Zelos only alerts when you can help.

Quick response

Respond with a single click.

See the bigger picture

See how you are a part of a mission

3. Stay connected

Know what is happening in your community at all times!

Be informed

Get information without asking

Check your knowledge

Show off your achievements on your profile.