Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ Zelos

How does Zelos handle user privacy?

Zelos is GDPR compliant and our users have full control over their data. Every Zelos workspace has its data hosted in separate encrypted database in the European Union. You can delete your Zelos account at any time and your personal data will be anonymized. Deleting workspaces and users is irreversible.

Will Zelos help me find new team members and/or volunteers?

No, Zelos is not a recruiting platform.  Zelos helps you easily onboard, engage, and retain community members by making collaborative task management friendly.

How do I get my team onboard?

It’s easy – you can send invitations to join by importing your email list and share the instructions to join your workspace.

Team members can find your workspace by searching for the name in the app or going to <yoursubdomain>

Is Zelos free to use?

Yes, our Free Forever package has the full core functionality of our paid packages, we only limit some customization options and have usage caps. There are no hidden costs

How do I get started?

Set up a workspace and then invite your team by sharing your worskpace subdomain.

Do you offer a white label solution?

We can create custom apps or even deploy a separate customized Zelos platform just for you and your team.