Why all event management companies should use an app for event staffing

As an event management company, one of the biggest challenges we face is managing our event staff. Ensuring that our staff is present, knowledgeable and professional is essential to the success of any event. However, it can be daunting to keep track of everyone’s availability, skills and trainings, especially when dealing with large events that require a large team of staff.

Event staffing software

Introducing event staffing apps – the a magical solution for all of your staffing problems!

Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But still – there are many excellent ways how a good staffing app can wipe away most of your worries, and introduce you to a long-lost lifestyle with enough sleep and time for yourself.

Four promotors with balloons at a trade show - to illustrate event staffing.

Apps fill schedule gaps really fast

In the world of event staffing, emergency shifts and plan changes are a fact of life. It’s very likely that you sometimes need to scramble to find staff at the last minute. In these situations, using a staffing app is way better than calling or texting individual staff members. 

A staffing app gets people to work much faster than calling or texting. When you have an emergency shift to fill, every minute counts. With a staffing app, you send out one notification, and then see all of the responses in one place. This takes way less time than calling or texting each staff member individually. 

Apps let you spend your time on.. well, NOT scheduling

For assembling a long term battle plan, staffing apps are a quick way for creating and managing schedules for individual staff members, as well as for the entire team. If you support self-scheduling, staff can simply sign up for their best-fitting shifts. No more tedious data entry, and no more scheduling errors!

Unlike old-school scheduling software, modern apps are easy, on-the-go schedule access for your staff. They can confirm to be aware of their assigned tasks and responsibilities or request changes or swaps. This gives them the desired flexibility for balancing work and life.

Apps tell you who actually worked and when

Usually event staffing software has tools for tracking and monitoring staff attendance. This can include the ability to record when staff members arrive and leave, as well as to track the hours they have worked. This can ensure that you are complying with labor laws and regulations, and providing fair and accurate pay to their staff. It is also useful to have timestamp data on your staff when solving client complaints.

Apps support better communication, Gen-Z style

Successful events require effective communication and organization. With a large team of staff, it’s essential that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals. This can be difficult to achieve, especially when dealing with last-minute changes or unexpected issues that arise during an event.

A staffing app makes it much easier to communicate with your staff. In the old days, you had to rely on phone calls, emails, or (gasp!) actual face-to-face conversations to let staff know about schedule changes or event updates. With a staffing app you can send out one notification to everyone working today’s event – with just a few taps. The app functions as the one single source of truth – making sure there is no more confusion or missed messages.

Apps help you keep track of staff skills and trainings

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to managing event staff is the need to constantly train and educate them. Especially if there are many different types of events on your calendar – from conferences and trade shows to weddings and parties –  it’s important to know which member of staff can fill the required roles.

This can be difficult when dealing with a large number of staff members who may have varying levels of experience and expertise. Staffing apps make training materials – everything from manuals and guides to videos and interactive training modules – easy to find and access. 

A staffing app can also provide you with tools for keeping track of staff training. This can include the ability to assign specific training modules to individual staff members, set deadlines for completion, and track progress. Keeping a certificate log ensures that the roles at events are offered only to staff members with an appropriate training on file.

How we can help

If you’re currently looking for a staffing app for your event management company – look no further. Zelos Team Management is a perfect match for hectic scheduling and staffing on-demand. Get in touch with our team for further information, or jump straight to the app to get started for free!