A very simple app for managing volunteers

Coordinate and communicate with your community

Start a free project
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Reach your volunteers on desktop or mobile

Zelos is a very simple app that everyone can use without additional training

Keep everyone on the same page

Distribute schedules and tasks, communicate live through chats and announcements.

Engage and motivate

Award points and create competitions, determine your most active project participants

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Activate your volunteers towards meaningful goals

Your volunteers, your app

Zelos is a safe environment that brings clarity to collaboration. As an administrator, you have full control over who can access your schedules, tasks and chats.

We offer a convenient experience for both desktop and mobile users – you can notify volunteers of new opportunities and messages either through e-mail or app notifications.

Zelos supports all alphabets, and the app interface comes in multiple languages. This makes it easy for you to customise the app for your local volunteers.

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How does the app work?

Drive engagement with gamification

You can create interactive competitions for teams or individuals. Assign a point value to each shift or task, and see which volunteers gather most points during a given timeframe.

Make it easy for your volunteers to contribute

Volunteer coordinators worldwide prefer Zelos

Launch your own project in a matter of hours!

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“Zelos helps us match fresh foster cases with our pre-screened volunteers in a matter of hours.”

Anni Mõisamaa
Coordinator, Varjupaik animal shelter foster program

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179 volunteers ready to foster
114 foster homes matched each year
4000 animals in shelter
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