Engage youth groups with an interactive tasking app

Provide young people with a safe space to connect and collaborate.

Communicate tasks to a large group within a matter of seconds!

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Keep everyone on the same page

Drive engagement and instantly notify relevant participants of new assignments.

Get live responses and updates

See the status of tasks, and request images or links as proof of completion!

Stay on top of the situation

Find out who are your most active participants, and set rewards for the top achievers.

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Activate youth groups towards meaningful goals

Provide a safe, collaborative environment

Zelos is a safe environment that brings clarity to collaboration. As an administrator, you have full control over who can access your project and user data.

Static forums and unindexed chats are an inconvenience when engaging a group of energetic and communicative youth. Zelos gives you convenient mobile apps, while allowing full project access through a web browser for both users and administrators.

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How does the tasking app work?

Drive engagement with gamification

You can create interactive competitions for teams, or target assignments to individual participants.

Set up points, badges and leaderboards to give a live overview of your most active players!

Gen-Z has changemaking potential

Join a growing number of coordinators that engage youth groups with  Zelos

Launch your own project in a matter of hours!

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Zelos dramatically increased the number young people completing our program tasks. Before around 20-30% of the group was active and engaged, now that’s around 75-90%.”

Erkki Kubber
Coordinator, Changemakers Academy program – Estonia

100+ teens in every batch
2 project coordinators
10+ companies supported each year
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