Zelos at 2019 Saastr Europa

Networking is super important when you’re building a solution like Zelos, which is all about making team collaboration easier. Attending Saastr Europa was a great opportunity to make connections in this ever-growing industry and busy world. I really liked that Saastr was a two-day conference: not too long to get on the way of work, not too short to try to cram everything in a single day.

I spent my time mostly at the matchmaking area while I managed my meetings with Braindate. Using this networking app I pitched a couple of topics so people could apply to chat with me. Since it was a two-day event, I had the option to meet someone and then schedule a chat the next day if we had time for it.

What I learned from networking through a pitch-and-meet format is that motivation – or how to get people motivated – is a great conversation starter. I made valuable new connections talking about what makes people go the extra mile and the difference between volunteers and employees. I think I was able to share some insights regarding this, while also learning from people working on their own great ideas to make work -and life- better. Even if it seemed that our projects had very little in common, I was able to learn a lot and discuss great things with SaaS industry leaders.

The conference was packed, but thankfully there was an app where you could book a seat to attend the presentations you were interested in. There was also a demo area where Saas companies and startups were marketing their projects. I noticed a clear trend there of  building white label apps and promoting collaboration using tech.

Saastr Europa is definitely a must-visit for Europe-based startup founders, and I’m sure it will keep growing as people notice what a great opportunity it is for creating connections. My top tip for next year? Focus on the people, not just on the business.