1. Create a team
2. Delegate tasks
3. Track results

Young people can make a difference by participating in organizations and nonprofits.

By being active online, their work can have grow the digital and real impact of any project.

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Create a team

Sort volunteers into groups based on their skill, interests, team, location or availability.

Delegate tasks

Send tasks live so volunteers can choose to do them on their phones.

Track results

Find out who are your most active team members with point-based tasks!

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Young people can make real impact

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Trust your volunteers with tasks

The ideal young team member is proactive, runs errands, sends text messages to their friends, attends events, and has a “let’s-do-it”attitude.

Self-training, social media shout-outs, and office support are some activities you can delegate via Zelos to your youth group.

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Be clear and organised

Make sure your young volunteers know exactly where and when to help.

With a single call button, they can reach out to you to address any questions or issues.

Learn from your success

See how many activities get done, and plan better activities for the future.

It is vital to have good data about who are your best team players, and how much they have achieved.

Gen-Z has changemaking potential

Join a growing number of successful youth groups that use Zelos around the world.

Zelos is free for teams of up to 50 participants and has premium packages available, book a free demo today!

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“Practical examples of alike youngsters and their accomplishments help a lot. Gamification is also a good motivation tool, as it takes the best from computer games (progress, clear rules, awards) and implements it in real life.”

Erkki Kubber
Coordinator, Changemakers Academy program – Estonia


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