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Self-scheduling, tasks and chats – ideal for managing workforce, freelancers or volunteers.

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Dispatch tasks and activities in a private workspace.

Upload your tasks and shifts. Then assign your team members or let them sign up by themselves!

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GDPR compliant database

Keep your team data safe.

Chats and announcements

Communicate live with your team members – 1:1 or in groups. Send out team-wide announcements and newsletters.

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Flexible scheduling for modern teams

Getting started with Zelos Team Management - a 5 minute quickstart
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Setting up the Zelos workspace only takes a few minutes. Onboarding your team members may take a day.

And that’s it.

There are no onboarding fees or complex processes.

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"Can't imagine working without Zelos! It's a very simple and intuitive environment to work with. Zelos really helps us to prevent stress and burnout as it allows us to instantly book counseling slots to available employees!"

Close up portrait of Ave-Gail Kaskla-Kuprys, CEO of Võõras Sõber
Ave-Gail Kaskla-Kuprys Business owner / Võõras Sõber
Illustration of a successful team manager 

"I love the simple, logical and easy-to-use interface for both admins and users. I also enjoy the help from team whenever necessary."

Portrait of volunteer coordinator Hannele Känd at the donation center
Hannele Känd Volunteer coordinator / NGO Hands for Ukraine
Illustration of a tired team manager being comforted with a hot cup of coffee

"After entering the tasklist to Zelos I could just forget and not deal with them throughout the day. When I came back later, all the issues had been independently solved by our team members."

Portrait of Luise Sommer, team manager at the Song Festival in Estonia
Luise Sommer Team coordinator at Song Celebration 2019 (Estonia)
Illustration of a team coordinator leading the team to battle against a large task monster



A team with a common vision – and a ton of tasks

How a political campaign used Zelos to engage and mobilize their vast community.

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Managing a nation-wide campaign would be impossible without technology. Zelos saved us lots of time when managing our team of 1000+ collaborators.

Deimantė Žebrauskaitė, Campaign Manager
Ingrida Šimonytė 2019 Presidential Campaign in Lithuania

1000+ community members
#2 at presidential elections
4 years later elected prime minister
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