Zelos – a small team with a huge dream

Zelos is an European software company with one single product – a very simple app for managing mobile teams. The founders started the project in early 2018, setting out to create something impossible – a tech solution for quickly mobilizing large teams with actually productive results. Many years later, Zelos Team Management has won multiple awards for large scale community projects, and continues to support private and public organisations in many different industries.

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I was a team coordinator at large festivals for 15 years. Most of my time was spent on micromanaging: sending out emails and group messages, and sorting out the aftershock of responses (or lack of response). It makes me happy to see that Zelos is solving all of these issues for my colleagues currently out in the trenches. We can’t change the way people behave, but we can change the way we delegate.

Johanna-Mai Riismaa, Founder and CEO of Zelos



Building software for lots of people at once – this is a challenge of a different level. We’re building an app that needs to be rolled out to thousands of people in a matter of days – and successfully instruct them to take up useful activities. I love it that we’ve been up for this challenge.

Viktor Lillemäe, Founder and CTO of Zelos


Zelos app - illustrations Zelos app - illustrations Zelos app - illustrations