Engage on-demand workers and do more with Zelos

Manage your contingent workforce, freelancers or community members in a single place. Send bite-sized jobs to the team, manage tasks online, and get things done!

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Coordinate freelancers and gig workers.

Create your own gig work community with your contacts, and generate small jobs they can pick up and do for you.

See the bigger picture

See who is doing what at all times, and get an overview of what’s been achieved.

Manage work remotely or at the office

Access your private community any time, from your mobile or desktop. Your team, your tasks, your choice!

Here's how it works

Zelos grid
Zelos grid

For Team Managers

Build your own team.

Zelos helps managers to turn their freelancers’ contacts into a team of on-demand workers.

Publish small gigs or bite-sized jobs that need to be done, and send a notification your relevant network in seconds.

Zelos is the future of work: like picking up rides on a delivery app, your team can pick up tasks that need to be done for your business!


1. Organize your contingent workforce

Stay organized and in control of your team of seasonal workers and flexible staff.

Assign tasks, check their completion, and send relevant tasks only to people of your choice or to your entire network,

Task management

Break down the whole process into bite-sized, actionable tasks.

Send direct messages the smart way

Send job alerts to relevant people of your own team.

Get things done

Log details and timestamps on who started a task, and when they completed it.

2. Take action

Sort your community members into specific groups based on skills, interest or availability. Choose to send tasks to a single group or to your entire freelance network.

Publish jobs as they emerge or schedule them beforehand. Get notified when they are picked up and get done by your flex team!


Sort your community into groups based on skills, location, or availability.


Assign tasks to the right groups, and get notified when the group members have finished working!


Request photos, text or a personal check-in to be sure every job is done.

3. Engage your community of contingent workers.

Make sure every seasonal worker or contingent staff receives proper training, and send relevant team notifications if necessary.


Share important updates instantly to the whole team via push notifications or emails.

Post jobs instantly

Send tasks to your team with a click and see when every job is picked up.

Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard
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Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard

For freelancers and flexible staff

Choose your own tasks.

Choose which jobs or shifts you can fulfill, and become more productive.

Less emails, more action!

1. Get jobs done and show your work!

Receive notifications about new jobs that need to be done with all the details on how to fulfill them.

Report jobs complete and become more productive.

Push notifications

Stop the email flood with smart notifications aimed to your skills.

Task pickup

See what tasks still need to be done, and choose which jobs you want to fulfill.


Receive alerts or emails about new tasks as the coordinators post them.

2. Get right to work

Spend less time figuring out what you should be doing and more time doing it. 

Once you have work handled, you can report back on task completion using a variety of confirmation options that take away the feeling of being micromanaged.


Manager confirmation

Completed tasks send a notification to the manager for manual approval.

Image and text confirmation

Submit images or a text snippet to announce that the task has been completed.

3. Earn rewards and productivity badges

Track your work and participate in team competitions to see who can get things done.

Earn rewards

Earn points and badges for a job well done.

Productivity leaderboards

See who are the most active team members