Engage a crowd in making an impact with Zelos.

Don’t let large-scale task coordination overwhelm you.
Take back control, and focus on the things that really matter.

Let's get started
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Lead and coordinate

Let your team members get more done on their own terms.

See the bigger picture

Stop micromanaging, and focus on things that matter.

Empower team members

Motivate your team and make them see the impact made.

Here's how it works

Zelos grid
Zelos grid

For Organizers

Build a cohesive team.

Zelos reduces the stress and confusion for everyone. It is easy to dispatch tasks to your team members.

Grab your favorite device and coordinate your whole team live.

Only the relevant people will be notified, only the relevant people will respond.

1. Get Organized

Stay organized and in control. Zelos offers seamless integration between team members and team leaders.

Assign tasks, check their completion, and get important information in front of the right people.

Task management

Break down the whole process into bite-sized, actionable tasks. One bite for one volunteer. When they all add up, you will witness the true power of crowdsourcing.

Set your goals

Planning a result for each task makes it easy to distinguish what's completed and what's still in the works

Observe things getting done

Get details and timestamps on who started a task, and when did they report it complete.

2. Take action

Make sure everyone has a part to play and things get done. Identify teams and individuals based on skills, interest or availability. Then match them with the right tasks!

You can easily create and assign tasks as you plan them. Zelos gives you the adaptability to solve problems as they emerge, right then and there.


Sort people into groups based on skills, location, or availability. They can also join and leave groups by themselves, should you allow this.


Assign tasks to the right groups, and get notified when the group members have finished working!


Request photos, text or a personal check-in to be sure everything is done the way you requested.

3. Engage and educate

Make sure everyone receives proper training, and all the relevant information the moment it becomes necessary.


Share important updates instantly to the whole team. Push notifications or emails, the volunteers will choose their favourite channel.

Gather data and ask for feedback

Post a task with a goal to write something, and you have a quick survey! Get suggestions for naming a pet, or feedback on an event.

Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard
Zelos long background grid
Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard

For team members

Gain meaningful experiences

Zelos removes confusion from the work experience so you can really focus on making an impact.

You get direct reminders about information that is relevant to you, and you only.

1. Show up

Know exactly when, where, why, and what you’re needed for without all the extra noise.

Public task management makes it easy to see where you can allocate your efforts. See that things are getting done, and offer to help with things that are not progressing. 

Relevant information only

Zelos only shows you tasks that are relevant to you. You won't be overwhelmed with information about other departments or locations.

Task pickup

You can easily see what tasks still need to be done, and how exactly you can help.


Receive alerts or emails about new tasks as the coordinators post them.

2. Get right to work

Spend less time figuring out what you should be doing and more time doing it.

Once you have work handled, you can report back on task completion using a variety of confirmation options that take away the feeling of being micromanaged.

Manager confirmation

Completed tasks send a notification to the manager for manual approval.

Image and text confirmation

Submit images or a text snippet to announce that the task has been completed.

3. Reward team members

Track achievements and motivate participants by setting up game elements.

Set up rewards

Award points and badges for tasks done!

Display leaderboards

Motivate by rewarding most active team members