A simple app for picking up shifts

Let your team self-schedule for the shifts and tasks they like

Start a free project

Shifts and tasks

Team members can browse and claim work that fits their skills and schedules

Live communication

Send messages, create chat groups and post updates to keep everyone on the same page

Detailed reports and member feedback

Log timestamped data on work progress, export hour reports straight to invoicing or payroll

Get things actually done with your team

Benefits of signup

Allowing team members to choose their tasks gives them a sense of autonomy and ownership over their work. They are more likely to feel motivated and committed to the tasks and shifts they chose.

Selecting work that align with their skills, interests, and energy levels make people more productive. They can consider their personal strengths and preferences, so their time and skills are used effectively.


Gamify your team to-do list

Gamification adds an element of fun to the task management process. The interest and involvement in completing tasks. It turns mundane activities into more enjoyable experiences. A friendly competition creates a sense of urgency and excitement to completing tasks.

Set up a reward system that encourages your team to take action. Everyone is much less likely to procrastinate while having fun!

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Your private team database

Zelos is a safe environment that brings clarity to collaboration. As an administrator, you have full control over who can access your schedules, tasks and chats.

The central database lets you store all your team data in one place. Create an entry form to gather any data you may need – or add admin fields and comments to team member profiles.


Accessible for everyone

Zelos supports all alphabets, and the app interface comes in multiple languages. This makes it easy for you to customise the app for your team members. It usually takes about 30 minutes to get your project started, and it’s rare for a team member to need assistance with the app download.

We offer a convenient experience for both desktop and mobile users – you can notify team members of new tasks and messages either through e-mail or in-app notifications.


A very simple app for distributing work

❤️ Zelos is NOT a workforce automation app. We do not have features for complex scheduling, demand prediction or AI shift assignment. We build very simple human-centric software for great team managers.  All of our features are designed to help actual humans trying to manage work in an efficient way ❤️

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Empowering human-centric organizations

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Omniva, the national logistics company in Estonia, uses self-signup to route employees to additional frontline shifts during peak season.

“The peak season could be the most stressful experience for everyone in our company. Instead, it now creates a major sense of collective achievement for all of our staff.”

– Hannamay Lagemaa, HR Partner at Omniva Estonia

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