Very simple contingent workforce management software

Coordinate open shifts and tasks to your manpower with zero hassle.

Create a free project

Live job board

Quickly dispatch shifts and tasks to your contingent workforce. Get instant feedback on work process and results.

Instant communication

Chat with your contingent workforce with no delays. Create groups or send personal messages.

Community approach

Gather a talent pool that you know and trust. Nurture, gamify, engage and grow.

A contingent workforce management solution with zero setup


Zelos is a great match for companies operating in hospitality, retail, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, etc.

Staffing wise, all of these are seasonal industries. Special events and and unforeseen circumstances cause staff demands to quickly swing up and down.

Manual staffing for short-term placements is inefficient and costly. Our contingent workforce management app reduces the time and effort required to book staff for this kind of dynamic demands.

With our self-signup app, the process of matching contingent workforce with open jobs becomes automatic (but not automated!). This makes it possible to engage a large community of contingent workforce on their own terms.

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Easy to launch

Zelos is cloud based, and optimised for worker usability. It rarely takes over 30 minutes to configure a project. Joining a project and picking up the first task is easy as pie. Just send out an onboarding link to your workforce, and let them start tasking!

With our flexible business logic you can easily set up a gig economy style dispatch, or coordinate temp staff placements.


Access anywhere

Projects are easy to access through the mobile apps, or via desktop computers. Zelos can engage workforce of all ages, and does not require anyone to have technical skills.


Keep track of everything

With Zelos you will know exactly who did what, when, and how long. Workers can easily check their own actual hours, so you’ll never need to edit their reports yourself. With easy export to payroll and billing, you’ll always have the the correct timestamps about what happened.

It’s easy to match workforce skills, experience, and preferences with available work. This improves the speed and accuracy of your placements. Reports give you detailed data about each placement – from recruitment to feedback.

❤️ Zelos is NOT a workforce automation app . We build human-centric software for great team managers to communicate with their contingent crew. All of our features are designed to engage, nurture and address actual humans trying to get work done ❤️


Why choose self-signup over workforce automation?

✅ The ability to sign up for available tasks or projects on the workers’ own terms offers a high level of flexibility. Workers can choose assignments that suit their skills, availability, and preferences.

✅ Self-signup can attract a broader range of potential workers. This can include diverse individuals with specialized skills or those seeking part-time or remote work opportunities.

✅ We offer a user-friendly interface that allows contingent workers to sign up and start working quickly and easily. It reduces the need for complex onboarding processes, making it more attractive to potential workers

✅ Self-signup software allows companies to quickly scale their workforce up or down as needed without the need for extensive coordination.

✅ Most workforce apps come with high implementation and maintenance costs. Our self-signup software is a very budget-friendly solution. Is very suitable for smaller companies or those with limited resources.

✅ Like workforce automation apps, we still track and measure the performance of contingent workers. This gives you valuable insights into their productivity and efficiency, and lets you optimize your staffing strategy.

Workforce software that scales with your needs

There are no limits to the amount of workers onboarded, so you never need to worry about unpredictable software costs.

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“We didn’t even know day labor management software existed.

Now with Zelos Team Management we can confidently focus on scaling our business. We are no longer limited by noise-producing communication tools.”

  • Kreete Juurak, co-founder of WorkBite

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7 recruiters
200+ workbiters
10% monthly growth
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