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Hassle-free volunteer mobilization for campaigns at scale

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Distribute tasks

Whatever needs to get done, get someone on it quickly.

Communicate live

Chat with your people and facilitate group conversations.

Challenge your team

Track activity and discover your most active members with gamified competitions.

A grassroots app that scales with your cause

An intuitive grassroots app fosters high engagement

Writing emails and making phone calls is an inconvenience when you’re pressed with time. Zelos gives you a direct channel to community members with convenient mobile apps, while allowing full project access through a web browser for both users and administrators.

While you get a strong administrator toolset with flexible features, the Zelos interface is super easy to learn for everyone regardless of age or tech ability.

For maximum accessibility all important information can also be duplicated to their email inbox!

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How does the grassroots app work?

Learn from your success

Communicating on a grassroots software platform will let you analyse the activities later, and learn from the process.

It is vital to have good data about who your most devoted supporters are, and how much they have achieved for the cause.

Grassroots advocacy + actually getting things done

Join the list of movements that mobilize their volunteers with Zelos.

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“Managing a nationwide presidential campaign would be impossible without technology. Zelos saved us lots of time when managing the vast amount of volunteers.”

Deimantė Žebrauskaitė
Campaign Manager, Ingrida Šimonytė 2019 Presidential Campaign – Lithuania

600+ active volunteers
70,000 signatures collected
350% goal achieved
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