Disaster response app to mobilize spontaneous volunteers

Mass communication made easy.

Send alerts and help requests, get instant responses.

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Mobilize first responders

Onboard and manage large groups of volunteers in a matter of hours.

Accessible to everyone

Easy to learn interface that anyone of all ages can use. Accessible on desktop, mobile, or through your email inbox!

Always up to date user profiles

Community members automatically update their skills, equipment and and training information.

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Mass communication made easy

Mass communication made easy

Share resources and leverage two-way communication to check on community members.

Instantly connect help requests with available resources.

Get detailed participant logs of all missions, trainings, events and activities – a single source of truth for your reports.

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How does it work?

Private and safe space

Zelos is a safe environment that brings clarity to collaboration. As an administrator, you have full control over who can access your project and user data. All projects are encrypted and GDPR compliant.

Advised by the Estonian Volunteer Rescue Association

A nationwide network of all rescue volunteers.

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Improve your disaster preparedness and get community members organised and on board early.

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