A simple app for self-scheduling shifts

Let your team easily sign up or bid for shifts

Start a free project

Open shifts for signup or bidding

Team members can browse and claim shifts that fit their schedules

Live communication

Send messages, create chat groups and post updates to keep everyone on the same page

Detailed reports and member feedback

Log timestamped data on work progress, export hour reports straight to invoicing or payroll

Self-scheduling - the ultimate blessing that removes most scheduling headaches for everyone.

Benefits of self-scheduling

Giving team members the ability to pick their own shifts fosters a sense of independence and accountability in their roles. This autonomy often translates to better motivation and dedication during their chosen work hours.

Choosing work that matches their skill set, passions, and energy levels can also enhance overall productivity. When personal strengths and preferences are considered at scheduling, team time and skills can be used more effectively.


Relevant targeting

Zelos gives team administrators full control over the visibility of shifts and tasks. It is easy to make opportunities available for members of a certain group, or profiles with a certain skill / certificate. Creating custom data fields is as simple as creating an online form, and team members can be asked to keep their own data up to date.

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Your private team database

Zelos is a safe environment that brings clarity to collaboration. As an administrator, you have full control over who can access your schedules, tasks and chats.

Our central database gives you a simple list of your team members. Gather any data you may need about your people with custom profile fields. You can then easily make shifts available to the appropraite people based on this information.


Accessible for everyone

Zelos accommodates all alphabets, and the interface is available in many different languages.

We provide a user-friendly experience for both desktop and mobile users. Typically, a project setup takes approximately 30 minutes, and team members rarely require any external help with the onboarding. They will be notified of new available shifts and messages via in-app notifications, but it’s also possible to activate alert e-mails.

A very simple app for distributing shifts

❤️ Zelos is NOT a workforce automation app. We do not have features for complex scheduling, demand prediction or AI shift assignment. We build very simple human-centric software for great team managers.  All of our features are designed to help actual humans trying to manage work in an efficient way ❤️


What kind of companies use self-scheduling?

✅ Healthcare organizations often match staffing levels to patient demand to improve efficiency and reduce the workload of managers and supervisors.

✅  Retail stores match their schedules to customer traffic, which can improve efficiency and reduce the workload of managers and supervisors.

✅  Hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses align their workforce size with customer demand to lighten the last minute stress and administrative workload.

✅  Manufacturing companies align their schedules with production demand and optimize their delivery.

✅  Non-profit organizations often match their staffing levels to demand for their services, making sure to avoid both volunteer and coordinator burnout.

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Empowering human-centric organizations

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Omniva, the national logistics company in Estonia, uses self-signup to route employees to additional frontline shifts during peak season.

“The peak season could be the most stressful experience for everyone in our company. Instead, it now creates a major sense of collective achievement for all of our staff.”

– Hannamay Lagemaa, HR Partner at Omniva Estonia

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