Collaboration done right

Learn how different teams and organizations have used Zelos to overcome their challenges.

WorkBite Recruiting finds highly qualified temp staff to fill their clients’ open shifts – very often in a matter of minutes.

How Omniva, the national logistics company in Estonia, manages their annual Christmas parcel mayhem without losing in service quality.

A refugee center mobilises 2000+ volunteers in a matter of days in March 2022.

A small consultancy provides a 3-hour SLA to their clients – with no employees on payroll.

A national animal shelter NGO quickly matches volunteers to animals that need urgent foster care.

Zelos connected an independent presidential candidate with her volunteer base in Lithuania.

A youth program for social enterprise gamifies their participant experience – and lets them achieve full potential through meaningful activities.

St. Paul’s is a church in Salisbury, UK that used the Zelos app to improve the workflow and results of their food bank.

COVIDhelp uses Zelos to link a helpline for seniors who are not tech-savvy, and community volunteers ready to help them during the Coronavirus crisis.

This year, TAB used Zelos to dispatch tasks and message instantly to their international team of volunteers.

Zelos helped the International Ballet Summer Workshop Estonia to take the leap and work with volunteers.

Zelos proved to be a great asset for the Estonian Song Celebration, a festival with over 30,000 performers.

Latitude59 startup conference used Zelos to activate their team of volunteers with competitions and self-care tasks.

PÖFF, a top film festival, used Zelos to activate their volunteers and improve their social media reach.