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Zelos Team Management is a collaboration app for distributing activities in a private community. Administrators can create tasks and events for team members. It is then easy to follow up with those who signed up to participate.

You can easily set up leaderboards and competitions with the gamification features. Members can earn points by completing tasks, but you can also manually award points from additional activities.

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High quality influencer marketing at a grassroots level

Micro-influencers are more authentic and trustworthy in the eyes of their followers than popular celebrities. This makes their endorsements much more effective. By involving them in a variety of activities, a brand can reach a large and diverse audience. That kind of brand awareness is hard to compete with.

Micro-influencers are also more willing to take part in a greater number of activities on behalf of your brand. They can creat original content, host giveaways, boost marketing campaigns and participate in social media challenges.

Provide a safe, collaborative environment

Zelos is a safe environment that brings clarity to collaboration. As an administrator, you have full control over who can access your project and user data.

Static forums and unindexed chats are an inconvenience when engaging large groups. Zelos gives you convenient mobile apps, while allowing full project access through a web browser for both users and administrators.


What can brand ambassadors do for my company?

Brand ambassadors can actively promote and endorse your brand in an unlimited number of ways.

They could represent your company at events such as trade shows, conferences, product launches, or promotional activities. They could also be the organizers of local events to generate interest and excitement around your brand.

They might spread the word through social media and create posts, blog articles, videos, product reviews, and tutorials. This kind of user-generated content is great for showcasing your products or services in an authentic and engaging manner.

Many brand ambassadors are excited to demonstrate their affiliation to the wider audience on social media platforms. They could respond to comments related to your brand, answer questions, and participate in discussions. This engagement fosters the community and helps to build a loyal customer base.

In some cases, it makes sense to involve your brand ambassadors in market research initiatives or product testing. Their feedback and insights can help you gauge the market’s response to new products or initiatives.

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