Fostering an inclusive team culture for temp workers hospitality

In the bustling and dynamic hospitality industry, the reliance on temporary workers is a common practice to meet fluctuating customer demands. These temporary employees, whether they’re seasonal staff, event-based workers, or short-term hires, offer a wealth of diverse skills and perspectives.

Integrating them seamlessly into your team culture requires a strategic approach. Here are some practical ideas for creating an inclusive team culture that embraces and maximizes the contributions of temporary workers in hospitality.

Don’t overlook the onboarding

When hiring temp staff for the busy holiday season, ensure a comprehensive onboarding process. During orientation, emphasize the restaurant’s commitment to providing a unique dining experience and how each staff member contributes to achieving that goal. Assign a mentor from the permanent team to guide temporary staff through the restaurant’s protocols, customer service standards, and menu details.

Make team building inclusive

You can host a “Hospitality Olympics” event where both permanent and temporary staff form teams and participate in fun, hospitality-themed challenges like setting up tables quickly or mock customer interactions. Team building activities foster a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among all team members, regardless of their tenure.

Remember to recognize

Implement a “Guest Delight Award” program that recognizes outstanding contributions to guest satisfaction. Temporary staff who consistently receive positive guest feedback could be publicly acknowledged during the daily team briefing, demonstrating the value of their role.

Help them level up

Offer your temps the chance to participate in advanced cooking workshops or attend culinary expos. Encourage them to showcase their unique skills during themed events or collaborate with the permanent chefs to create new dishes. This not only enhances their skills but also elevates the overall culinary expertise of your team.

Help them help you with scheduling

Allow your temps to take shifts that align with their availability. Create an online scheduling calendar where temporary and permanent staff can coordinate shifts and communicate any scheduling preferences. This approach promotes work-life balance and acknowledges the diverse commitments of your team members.

Listen, listen, listen

Create a suggestion box where temporary and permanent workers can anonymously submit their ideas for improving event setups, guest interactions, and overall efficiency. When implementing a suggestion from a temporary worker that streamlines event logistics, share the success story during team meetings to encourage ongoing participation.

Give them a voice

Involve them in regular team huddles. Invite them to share their insights on guest preferences or ways to enhance the guest experience. If a temporary staff member goes above and beyond to create a memorable guest moment, celebrate their dedication by sharing the story during a weekly all-staff meeting.

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