A tasking community for your interns

Give your most ambitious interns an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

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Live crowdsourcing

Dispatch tasks to your interns and find the right person right now.

Internships at scale

Recruit more interns without additional management strain.

Alumni community

Keep in touch with your interns after they leave for future recruitment and referrals.

Internships that actually get things done

Provide a branded, collaborative environment

Zelos is a safe environment. As an administrator, you have full control of users accessing different tasks and projects.

You can launch Zelos as a white label app with your own name and corporate branding.

Alternatively, you can sign up for our freemium service and invite your interns to use the Zelos app.

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Learn from your success

Keeping all intern communications on a central platform will let you analyse the activities later, and learn from the process.

It is vital to have good data about who your most devoted interns are, and how much they have achieved during their program.

You can refer to their profile even many years later when considering them for a permanent position.

Ready to get things done?

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Empowering human-centric organizations

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Zelos dramatically increased the number young people completing our program tasks. Before around 20-30% of the group was active and engaged, now that’s around 75-90%.”

Erkki Kubber
Coordinator, Changemakers Academy program – Estonia

100+ Gen Z participants
2 managers
+50% engagement rate
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