Start an online brand community

Engage your fans on an intuitive community platform

Create measurable impact for your brand and drive community-led growth

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Drive engagement and activity

Launch a private networking space and get to know your most loyal customers

Strengthen your community

Connect the members and empower them to help each other

Build a community that actually does things

Arrange flash mobs, crowdsource user testing, or scale your content marketing with user-created content

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Data-driven community management

An intuitive community platform that fosters high engagement

Reach out to your supporters with specific goals, and let your fan base accelerate your business with community-led growth. 

Crowdsource acquisition, user testing and marketing activities – from the people who know your product and services best.

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Drive engagement with gamification

You can create rewards for engaging in activities that help your brand.

Set up points, badges and leaderboards to give a live overview of your most active players!

Provide a safe, collaborative environment

Zelos is a safe environment that brings clarity to collaboration. As an administrator, you have full control over who can access your project and user data.

Static forums and unindexed chats are an inconvenience when engaging large groups. Zelos gives you convenient mobile apps, while allowing full project access through a web browser for both users and administrators.

Is product-led growth not enough for your brand?
Try community-led growth

Start small, start now

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Build a community around your brand. With a community engagement strategy in place, you will get..

6,5% ROI with community marketing tactics
21% improvement in engagement
100% better insights
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