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Zelos Team Management - App Overview
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An ad-free Signup Genius alternative

Signups, chats and reports

Zelos is a simple and modern volunteer signup system. Invite volunteers to participate in your project, and keep them updated about the most recent signup opportunities. They can access your project through the website, or download our apps to their smart devices.

We support all alphabets, and the app interface is available in multiple languages.


Drive engagement with gamification

You can create interactive competitions for teams or individuals. Assign a point value to each shift or task, and see which volunteers gather most points during a given timeframe. Display public leaderboards to host competitions between volunteers or groups.

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A personal experience for volunteers

Zelos makes it easy for volunteers to indicate their preferences, like type of tasks they prefer. Targeting the volunteer opportunities based on their choice will lead to better volunteer engagement and satisfaction.

Signing up to a Zelos account is easy and straightforward. Volunteers are asked to pick a password for accessing their signups, and then choose their preferences. Once an administrator confirms their access, they can easily pick up opportunities that match their interest.

If they choose to download the mobile app, they can keep up with notifications and live messages from the administrators. But they can also order new opportunities to alert their e-mail.

How we differ from Signup Genius

✅ Zelos is a safe environment for your volunteer database. We take volunteer privacy seriously, so volunteer lists, schedules and other data is visible to administrators only.

✅ No ads, ever. Even if you’re using our free app, we will never advertise anything to your volunteers.

We abide by the European General Data Protection Regulation, which is one of the strictest in the world. This means that your volunteers also have full control over their personal data on our platform.

✅ Mobile apps are a great way for volunteers to receive notifications. Zelos lets you target opportunities based on volunteer roles and skills. This way only the relevant volunteers get notified about new opportunities. Of course, volunteers can also access their signups through a desktop computer.

✅ Instant messaging keeps you in touch with your volunteers. You can chat with the volunteers of a certain shift about urgent updates. Or you can create ongoing message rooms for volunteer groups.

✅ You do not need a premium account to keep track of your team achievements. Zelos creates volunteer profiles for each person who has signed up for your cause. This lets you access historic data about individual volunteers, and compile aggregated reports on volunteer performance.

Unlimited questions to volunteers in free tier. Compile volunteer profiles that make sense for your organisation. Each volunteer needs to answer questions just once. We will refer to their volunteer profile with all further signups.


Zelos Team Management is a great match for:

🙋 Community Cleanup Initiatives: Organizing volunteers to participate in local park cleanups, neighborhood litter collections, and environmental awareness campaigns.

🙋 Animal Shelter Support: Enlisting volunteers to help with animal care, adoption events, and fostering programs at local animal shelters.

🙋 After-School Programs: Signing up volunteers to assist with after-school activities, tutoring, and mentorship programs for students.

🙋 Homeless Shelter Assistance: Managing volunteers who can help with serving meals, distributing supplies, and providing support at homeless shelters.

🙋 Disaster Relief Efforts: Mobilizing volunteers during natural disasters to assist with relief efforts. For example providing food, shelter, and aid to affected communities.

🙋 Senior Citizen Support: Organizing volunteers to visit and assist senior citizens who need companionship and support.

🙋 Community Garden Maintenance: Enlisting volunteers to help maintain and cultivate community gardens, promoting green spaces and healthy eating.

🙋 Sports Events: Coordinating volunteers for sports tournaments, matches, or competitions, including roles like ticketing, security, and event assistance.

🙋 School Field Trips: Coordinating parent volunteers for school field trips, ensuring proper supervision and assistance during educational outings.

🙋 Museum and Art Gallery Events: Signing up volunteers to assist with art exhibits, museum tours, and special events.

🙋  Environmental Conservation Projects: Enlisting volunteers for initiatives like tree planting, beach cleanups, and wildlife habitat restoration to support conservation efforts.

🙋 Food Drives and Pantry Assistance: Enlisting volunteers to collect, sort, and distribute food donations for local food banks and pantries.

🙋 Cultural Festivals and Celebrations: Coordinating volunteers for cultural festivals and events, including setup, entertainment, and vendor assistance.

And much more!

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“Zelos helps us match fresh foster cases with our pre-screened volunteers in a matter of hours.”

Anni Mõisamaa
Coordinator, Varjupaik animal shelter foster program

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