Start a food pantry with community volunteers and make the change you want to see.

Start a free project

Open your community

Welcome all volunteers and collaborators to join – while setting your own terms

Get the donations you actually need

Put out detailed requests for necessary items, and see who in the community can deliver!

Schedule working hours easily

Distribute shifts and assignments to volunteers without a hassle

Drive collaboration in an efficient manner

Harness your community for your cause

Drive engagement and provide clarity to your community members – stay on the same page about what needs to get done.

Target requests based on roles – request helping hours from volunteers and specific items from food banks or donation partners.

While you get a strong administrator toolset with flexible features, the Zelos interface is super easy to learn for everyone regardless of age or tech ability.

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How does it work?

Include the whole community

Zelos does not limit member accounts, so you can invite an endless list of collaborators. Supporters who are not up for direct volunteering can still support you with online tasks and fundraising!

Bring people together to create impact

Start a food pantry and make the change you want to see. Zelos helps you stay on top of the situation!

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St. Paul’s Salisbury food bank spends less than half an hour each week on task management and organising volunteers

6.5 tons of donations per quarter
2,000 people benefitted
50 volunteers
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