Very simple software for managing mobile workforce

A workforce app that is built with deskless employees in mind

Create a free project

Live dispatch

Post new assignments to your mobile workers and get live updates of signup and work progress.

Community approach

Bring your workforce closer to your brand in a central communication hub

All-in-one workforce app

All work and communication in the same place.

Zelos Team Management - App Overview
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A workforce management app for mobile employees

Access anywhere

Your team members can download a convenient app and receive a notification for all updates, or access your project on a desktop computer and get an e-mail for their new shifts.


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Communicate and engage

Chat with your workforce directly, or allow relevant chat groups for each department. You can even have a live conversation within each shift, if some information isn’t relevant for those not working today.

If you have part-time or temp employees in your workforce, you can activate leaderboards for extra shifts. Gamification is a great way to recognize the top achievers. This also motivates your employees  to pick up additional work.

Detailed data

Administrators will see detailed logs about when someone accepted, picked up or finished a shift.

It is simple to export hour reports in universal formats, or send the data directly to your payroll through our open API or Zapier integration.

Upgrade your mobile employee experience for a more efficient workforce


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“Flexible on-demand workforce is the safest strategy for a small business when your clients are large corporations.”

Ave-Gail Kaskla-Kuprys, CEO of Vooras Sober, a mental health counceling service

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2 hours to confirm appointments
max 5 days from first contact to appointment
2000% business growth in two years
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