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Schedule and dispatch work to your deskless crew, hassle free!

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Self-scheduling and work order dispatch

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Instant messaging and real time updates

Keep your crew up to date with live communication

All-in-one workforce app

All work and communication in the same place.

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Mobile workforce management software to engage the new generation

Why do companies need mobile workforce software?

Mobile workforce software enables companies to streamline and automate their day-to-day staffing. Especially the younger generation of employees values flexibility and mobility in their work arrangements.

A well-organized app can empower them to work independently while staying productive. Having grown up in a digital age, Generation Z workers are very comfortable with technology. You can leverage this familiarity and provide a work environment that aligns with their preferred mode of communication and interaction.

Having a good employee app demonstrates an organization’s commitment to embracing modern technologies. It communicates that you’re ready to meet the preferences and expectations of the younger generation. If managed well, a workforce app can really enhance their engagement, productivity, and satisfaction. Of course, this will lead to improved performance and retention rates.

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Self-scheduling – the ultimate blessing that removes most scheduling headaches for everyone.

Letting people self-schedule their work has several advantages over appointing their shifts by an AI (or even a human manager).

Humans have diverse needs and preferences, and self-scheduling enables them to have greater flexibility and control over their work hours. Only they can understand and consider the emotional and contextual factors when scheduling their own work. For example, they can account for personal circumstances, health conditions and family obligations.

Empowering employees to manage their schedules fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility, which can boost morale and motivation. This increased engagement often translates to higher productivity and better overall performance.

Zelos combines adaptability of human judgment with the efficiency of scheduling software. This combined approach is the secret to an optimal scheduling process for many organizations.


Zelos is NOT for workforce automation

❤️  We build human-centric software for great staffing managers to communicate with their crew. All of our features are designed to engage, nurture and address actual humans trying to get work done ❤️

Schedule and dispatch

Zelos lets your field workers self-schedule and pick up jobs. But you can also assign tasks to your crew members, track their progress, and receive updates in real-time.

We are a perfect match for small and medium businesses that want to embrace flexibility with their field staff. If you’re looking to give your crew more independence in deciding on their shifts or jobs, Zelos is a great choice.

We’re industry agnostic, so it doesn’t matter if you’re managing field technicians, service professionals or retail employees. Zelos can help you set up a central work board where your crew can self-schedule and communicate.


Communicate and engage

You can send private messages, or create relevant chat groups for each department. You can even have a live conversation within each assignment to communicate information that is relevant short-term.

Our gamification feature incentivises picking up extra shifts. Points and leaderboards is a motivating strategy to recognise the top achievers.

These features align especially with the younger generation’s affinity for gamified experiences and their desire for recognition. By incorporating gamification and rewards, you can foster healthy competition, boost motivation, and enhance overall employee engagement.


Access anywhere

Your team members can download a convenient mobile app and receive notifications for new jobs, updates and messages. They can also log in from a desktop computer to get a better overview of their schedules.


Detailed reporting

Administrators will have detailed logs about when someone accepted, picked up or finished a job. It is simple to export hour reports in universal formats, or send the data directly to your payroll.



A mobile workforce app that upgrades your employee experience

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“Flexible on-demand workforce is the safest strategy for a small business when your clients are large corporations.”

Ave-Gail Kaskla-Kuprys, CEO of Vooras Sober, a mental health counceling service

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2 hours to confirm appointments
max 5 days from first contact to appointment
2000% business growth in two years
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