COVID-Help nominated in Government and Citizen Engagement

Zelos is a WSA National nominee 2020

Smart content combined with optimized utilization of state-of-the-art technology offers immense opportunities to close global and local divides and the achievement of the UN SDGs. COVID-Help by Zelos was nominated as best national digital solution in Government and Citizen Engagement for Estonia for the international award WSA, selecting digital innovation with impact on society. 

With this nomination in Government and Citizen Engagement COVID-Help by Zelos qualifies for evaluation by the WSA Online Jury 2020 among over 340 international nominations – a global diameter of digital innovation, from Canada to Indonesia, from Finland to Mozambique.

The WSA nominees 2020 show the richness, diversity, future, and innovation of digital solutions on a global scale and prove how digital technology can improve society on each corner of the world.

COVID-Help by Zelos was nominated as best national digital solution for Estonia for the international WSA. COVID-Help is the pandemic-friendly adaptation of Zelos app, a task management tool that splits larger projects into bite-sized tasks which can be picked up by a team member. Designed for both private and public organizations, Zelos app was adapted for volunteer disaster response as COVID-Help, a community-led helpline for senior citizens who might not be tech-savvy, and local volunteers ready to help them during the government-mandated quarantine in Estonia.

The WSA 2020 nominees will be evaluated based on seven fundamentals criteria: Content, Functionality, Design, Technology, Innovation, Impact and Value.

“Today we are living in a completely different environment – through the mobile revolution, through the emergence of the algorithmic age – data has become a capital as much as labour, land money and machinery. Hence, it is more important than ever to evaluate what is excellent content that really offers solutions and impact. Qualitative, local content has become the key and permanent issue. WSA presents innovation that uses ICT for social connectivity. To connect for impact.“ WSA Chairman Peter A. Bruck states.

The WSA nominees are selected carefully and highly competitive by the WSA National Experts from more than 184 UN member states. The WSA National Experts nominate up to eight projects for each country – one for every WSA category.

A nomination to the WSA hence is already and award in itself – the qualification to compete and compare on an international level and being the best practice in Government and Citizen Engagement nationally.

We are very honored to represent Estonia in the 2020 WSA Awards. Our commitment is to make teams work by self-commitment and Zelos is our way to make task pickup and fulfillment easier for remote teams, gig workers, and volunteer communities.