20 alternatives to SignUpGenius for effective volunteer signup

Managing volunteers is a critical aspect of any successful event or project for all nonprofits. In today’s digital age, it is essential to have a reliable online platform to coordinate schedules, tasks, and communication. While SignUpGenius has long been a popular choice for volunteer management, there are several other excellent alternatives that offer unique features and capabilities. In this blog post, we’ll delve into some of the best SignUpGenius alternatives that can streamline your volunteer signup process and help you create a more organized and efficient team.

SignupGenius alternatives for volunteer coordinator

20 alternative apps to SignUpGenius

Zelos Team Management

Zelos Team Management is a versatile platform for volunteer coordination, signup, and communication. It focuses on collaborative effort and effective teamwork. With gamification features, it’s a good option for motivating and engaging a volunteer team. Zelos offes convenient mobile apps with notifications, but can also be accessed on desktop.


Timecounts focuses on community engagement, offering volunteer scheduling, event management, and impact tracking. It’s an ideal choice for organizations aiming to foster a sense of belonging among volunteers.


VolunteerHub is a comprehensive volunteer management platform designed to simplify recruitment, scheduling, and communication. With customizable registration forms and automated reminders, it’s an ideal solution for organizations of all sizes seeking an efficient way to engage and manage volunteers.

Better Impact

Better Impact offers volunteer matching, event registration, and impact tracking features. It aims to create a more meaningful volunteer experience by helping organizations connect volunteers with opportunities that align with their skills and interests.


CERVIS is tailored for nonprofit organizations and offers volunteer management software with features like tracking and reporting. It empowers nonprofits to efficiently coordinate volunteers, ensuring smooth operations for events and projects.


SignUp.com simplifies the volunteer management process with its simple platform for creating sign-up sheets, sending automated reminders, and tracking volunteer hours. It’s an accessible option for organizations seeking straightforward coordination.


VOMO emphasizes engagement and impact through features like project creation and a dedicated mobile app for volunteers. It’s a modern platform designed to make volunteering more accessible and meaningful.


VolunteerLocal allows organizations to create customized sign-up forms, manage shifts, and communicate effectively with volunteers. It’s a go-to solution for events of varying sizes and complexities.


GivePulse is a community engagement platform that enables organizations to manage volunteers, register events, and measure impact. Its simple interface and integration options make it a popular choice for diverse organizations.

Track It Forward

Track It Forward specializes in volunteer hour tracking, reporting, and integration capabilities. It’s an excellent choice for organizations focused on measuring and showcasing the contributions of their volunteers.


VolunteerKinetic stands out with its volunteer scheduling, opportunity matching, and mobile app access. It aims to enhance volunteer engagement and ensure a seamless experience.


iVolunteer offers a customizable volunteer management solution encompassing registration, communication, and reporting features. It’s an adaptable platform for organizations with specific requirements.


VolunteerMatters provides tools for volunteer recruitment, scheduling, and tracking to elevate volunteer programs. It’s a comprehensive solution for organizations aiming to optimize their volunteer management efforts.

Get Connected

Get Connected by Galaxy Digital offers volunteer matching, event registration, and impact measurement features for nonprofit organizations. It’s designed to streamline volunteer engagement and maximize social impact.


VolunteerMark enables organizations to create volunteer opportunities, manage shifts, and track volunteer impact. It’s designed to simplify volunteer coordination and enhance engagement.


Lome offers volunteer management features alongside event registration and communication tools. It aims to simplify the process of coordinating volunteers for events and projects while enhancing engagement.

Volunteer Scheduler Pro

Volunteer Scheduler Pro is designed to simplify volunteer scheduling and coordination, allowing organizations to create shifts, manage availability, and track volunteer hours seamlessly.


V4S (Volunteers for Salesforce) is built specifically for Salesforce users. It is an app that integrates with Salesforce to provide volunteer sign-up and management capabilities, making it ideal for nonprofits already using Salesforce for their operations.

SignUp Zone

SignUp Zone is a robust platform that allows organizations to create online sign-up sheets, manage volunteer schedules, and communicate effectively. It focuses on simplifying the volunteer coordination process.


VolunteerBase provides organizations with tools to create sign-up sheets, manage volunteer shifts, and track volunteer hours. It aims to simplify volunteer coordination and enhance communication between organizers and volunteers.