A simpler alternative to Crew workforce app

An intuitive app for managing your frontline workforce

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Shifts and tasks

Robust task management and shift planning. Dispatch targeted work for teams and locations, or specific employees.

Live chats and public announcements

Allow team members to communicate while keeping the managers in control of productive collaboration.


Award points for completed work and display live leaderboards for motivation

Getting started with Zelos Team Management - a 5 minute quickstart
Background grid
Background grid

Flexible team management

Let your frontline workforce be productive.

Zelos is a very simple app that is built specifically with frontline teams in mind. Schedule work, track the progress and communicate with team members.

1. Tasks, shifts and getting things done

Post a schedule of available work for your team members to self-schedule, or assign them to tasks and shifts directly. Cover shifts across teams, and give your employees a fast way for shift swapping.

It is easy to target work based on skills, location, team membership, or any other custom data points!


Recruit team members to open tasks and shifts

Target task visibility

Set display rules so that only relevant people can see specific tasks

Send personal invites

Request specific members for a certain task (and see when they accept the offer)

2. Live chat

Create custom chats, private messages or send a group message to people who are currently on the same task. Keeping communication relevant really helps with team morale and message deliverability.

Conversations that stay on topic

All shifts and tasks have a separate chat channel to keep discussion in context

Safe collaboration

Team members can communicate with each other without sharing their contact data

3. Team database

Your team members have full control over their personal data – our app is GDPR compliant out of the box!

Zelos is a safe way for the whole team to communicate without exchanging private contact data, or seeing each others’ full schedules.

Encrypted workspace

Zelos projects are private - it's just you and your invited members.

GDPR compliant

Members can request their profile to be anonymized, but their contributions so far will remain in the workspace.

Role-based access

Members don't have access to each other's data. Also their full schedules and activities are visible to admins only.

Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard