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Shifts and tasks

Robust task management and shift planning. Dispatch targeted work for teams and locations, or specific employees.

Live chats and public announcements

Allow team members to communicate while keeping the managers in control of productive collaboration.


Award points for completed work and display live leaderboards for motivation

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How we differ from Crew

Simple setup. It takes about 30 minutes for a team administrator to learn the ropes and set up their first project.

✅ Affordable. Our pricing does not depend on the number of users. Both free and paid tiers allow for unlimited team members and administrators.

✅ Gamification. We have built-in points and leaderboards that help you build competitive experiences to engage and motivate your workforce.

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Zelos is NOT a workforce automation app.

❤️  We build human-centric software for great staffing managers to communicate with their crew. All of our features are designed to engage, nurture and address actual humans trying to get work done ❤️

Letting people self-schedule their work has several advantages over appointing their shifts by an AI (or even a human manager).

Humans have diverse needs and preferences, and self-scheduling enables them to have greater flexibility and control over their work hours. Only they can understand and consider the emotional and contextual factors when scheduling their own work. For example, they can account for personal circumstances, health conditions and family obligations.

Empowering employees to manage their schedules fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility, which can boost morale and motivation. This increased engagement often translates to higher productivity and better overall performance.

Zelos combines adaptability of human judgment with the efficiency of scheduling software. This combined approach is the secret to an optimal scheduling process for many organizations.

Zelos Team Management core features:


1. Tasks and shifts

Post a schedule of available work for your team members to self-schedule, or assign them to tasks and shifts directly.

Self-scheduling: recruit team members to open tasks and shifts

Target task visibility: set display rules so that only relevant people can see specific tasks

Send personal invites: request specific members for a certain task (and see when they accept the offer)

Easy time tracking: Confirming prescribed schedules is a one-click procedure. Team members need to edit their entry only in case of overtime.

Flexible and detailed reports: Set up custom fields for member profiles and task descriptions. Pull detailed timesheets for each person, group or category.


2. Live chat

Send relevant messages to the right team members. You can create custom chats, private messages or send a group message to people who are currently on the same task.

Conversations stay on topic: all shifts and tasks have a separate chat channel to keep discussion in context

Safe collaboration: team members can communicate with each other without sharing their contact data


3. Team database

Your team members have full control over their personal data – our app is GDPR compliant out of the box!

The amount of information visible to other team members is limited. Zelos is a safe way for the whole team to communicate without exchanging private contact data, or seeing each others’ full schedules.

Encrypted workspace: all Zelos projects are private. It’s just you and your invited members.

GDPR compliant: we abide by the European General Data Protection Regulation, which is one of the strictest in the world. This means that your team members also have full control over their personal data on our platform. They can request their profile to be anonymized, but their contributions so far will remain in the workspace.

Role-based access: members don’t have access to each other’s data. Also their full schedules and activities are visible to admins only.


4. Gamification

A fun game aspect is known to increase employee engagement. Zelos makes it easy to hold seasonal initiatives with friendly competitions between individual workers or neighbouring departments.

Assign point values to certain tasks or shifts to incentivize these activities. Display leaderboards to motivate, and award high performers as you like!



Zelos is a great fit for many industries that benefit from a scheduling solution that integrates with real time communication:

📌 Home Services: Coordinating a mobile workforce for repair, maintenance, and installations.

📌 Landscaping: Coordinating staff for lawn mowing, gardening, and landscape design.

📌 Janitorial Services: Managing a mobile cleaning workforce for commercial and residential cleaning tasks.

📌 Pest Management: Organizing a mobile team for pest control services, including inspections and treatments.

📌 Event Management: Coordinating event staff and vendors for conferences, festivals, trade shows, and corporate events.

📌 Automotive Services: Organizing a mobile workforce for automotive repair, roadside assistance, and vehicle maintenance.

📌 Healthcare Services: Managing mobile healthcare workers, such as home health aides and visiting nurses.

📌 Delivery Services: Coordinating mobile drivers for food delivery, courier services, and e-commerce deliveries.

📌 Retail Merchandising: Coordinating on-demand merchandisers for setting up displays and arranging products in stores.

And much more!

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“The Zelos app is the easiest way for our employees to quickly pick up their extra shifts.”

– Hannamay Lagemaa, HR Partner at Omniva, the national logistics provider of Estonia

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