How to choose the best frontline employee app

Frontline employees are the face of a company and often have direct contact with customers. Having a good frontline worker app can help these employees to…

  • stay informed about company policies, procedures, and updates 
  • provide high-quality service to customers
  • improve communication and collaboration
  • increase productivity and efficiency
  • develop a sense of community to feel more connected and valued. 
Illustration of frontline workforce in a cafeteria

When looking for the perfect frontline software for your company, there are several factors to consider. 


The most important aspect to any team software is the ease of use. The in-app employee experience should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. This is critical as some frontline workers may not have a lot of experience with technology.

Some of them may not be tech-savvy at all, and may need training on how to use the app effectively. In an ideal case, most of the workforce should still be able to onboard and use the app independently.

It is wise to test the usability and convenience of the app with a couple of employees before onboarding the whole team. 


Frontline worker software should have features that are relevant and useful to your frontline workers. There is no single feature package that is right for everyone, so compare different apps and evaluate which one best suits the needs of your team.

Important frontline app features may include scheduling and shift management tools, communication features, and quick access to important information or contacts.


The app should be compatible with the mobile devices that your frontline workers are using. If your frontline app is not compatible with their smartphones or tablets, they may not be able to use it at all. 

It is also important to consider whether the employees are expected to use their own devices, or will these be provided by the employer. Some employees may not have a smart device at all, so they might need to use a desktop computer to access the same content.


If the mobile app requires a network connection at all times, internet issues can prevent workers from accessing the app. If your frontline app requires a strong internet connection, workers in remote or rural areas may have difficulty using it.

Connectivity is also problematic in extreme locations such as underground facilities and cruise ships. Frontline teams who work in these locations may also have constant issues with internet access.

If these sound like potential issues for you, check the functionality of your potential employee app. Some apps don’t need an active connection at all times, and in some cases it is possible to duplicate communication with alternative channels such as text messaging.

Data security

Be aware of data security and privacy when using the app. This is especially critical if you’re expecting your workers to install the app on their private devices. They may be hesitant to use your frontline app if they are not confident that their personal data will be kept safe.

Always check the background of your software provider, and make sure you know how your employee data is being processed behind the scenes.


The costs of an employee app can vary dramatically, depending on your needs. You could save a lot of money if you find a free SaaS app that works for you out of the box. But you can also spend a lot of money if you need something custom-made specifically for your organization. 

It’s important to consider the overall cost of the app, and understand whether there are any launch fees, support fees, or maintenance fees in addition to the monthly or annual subscription costs.

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