Three channels you haven’t yet considered for recruiting volunteers

Rounding up reliable folks who can commit to volunteering regularly is a bit like searching for unicorns – they’re out there, but not always easy to find!

If you are a volunteer coordinator for a nonprofit, you are probably always trying to find creative ways to recruit volunteers. Here’s three worthwhile channels you maybe haven’t added to your core strategy.


Unlock the potential of LinkedIn for your volunteer recruitment strategy. Beyond task completion, tap into the expertise of seasoned professionals willing to share knowledge and mentor. Ideal for educational or career-focused organizations, LinkedIn can be a game-changer.

Craft a compelling LinkedIn profile that succinctly communicates your mission, values, and impact. Potential volunteers should grasp your organization’s essence quickly. Create a dedicated section for volunteer opportunities, using concise language and captivating visuals to outline roles, time commitments, and impact.

Utilize LinkedIn’s ‘Jobs’ section to broaden your reach. Specify that positions are voluntary to attract genuinely interested individuals. Explore tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator for direct outreach to potential candidates. It will let you filter accounts based on industry, location, skills, and relevant keywords. Then send personalized messages to make a significant impact.

A less salesy approach is actively engaging your network. Share project updates, successes, and the positive impact of your work. Encourage your network to amplify your reach by sharing posts. Participate in LinkedIn groups aligned with your cause, sharing volunteer opportunities with like-minded individuals.

Seize the chance to connect with interested individuals. Respond to comments and engage with those expressing interest in your posts. Personalized messages can build connections and inspire potential volunteers to get involved.

Your existing volunteers

Unlock the hidden potential within your organization by tapping into a goldmine – your existing volunteers. These dedicated individuals don’t just contribute their time and skills; they have the power to become dynamic advocates and ambassadors for your cause. Let’s dive into the strategies that will empower your current volunteers and turn their networks into a catalyst for sustainable growth.

First things first – build a culture where volunteers aren’t just engaged, but deeply connected to the mission. When volunteers resonate with your organization’s values, they naturally become advocates. Keep them in the loop with regular communication, transparent updates, and involve them in decision-making processes to boost their sense of ownership.

Encourage volunteers to extend their impact beyond the volunteer hours. Urge them to tap into their social circles – friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances. Personal recommendations carry weight, and when someone close vouches for your organization, it adds a layer of trust. Equip volunteers with shareable content, success stories, and impactful statistics to facilitate effective advocacy.

Take it up a notch by formalizing the role of volunteer ambassadors within your organization. Ambassadors can be the bridge between your nonprofit and the community. Provide training sessions to arm them with the knowledge and skills to effectively communicate your mission. Recognize their efforts through badges, certificates, or other forms of acknowledgment.

In today’s digital age, online platforms are powerful tools for advocacy. Urge your volunteers to share their experiences on social media, craft engaging blog posts, or create short videos. Provide them with branded content and hashtags to maintain a cohesive online presence. A unified digital voice can significantly amplify your organization’s reach.

Don’t forget to create a structured referral program that rewards volunteers for successfully bringing in new recruits. Recognition, certificates, or exclusive volunteer events can be excellent incentives. Incentivizing referrals not only boosts recruitment but also enhances the sense of community among your volunteers.

Open opportunities

Consider elevating your online presence beyond a basic website. Craft an online volunteering page where potential volunteers can directly apply for positions online. This not only simplifies the application process but also empowers volunteers to explore specific roles tailored to their skills and interests. 

A curated list of volunteer opportunities enhances recruitment efforts. It offers transparency about organizational needs and fosters an early connection with potential volunteers.

It can be a simple website that lists available volunteer jobs with information about how to apply. But you can also implement one of the more sophisticated volunteer signup software solutions that lets you advertise opportunities in public. 

To amplify your reach, adopt a digital marketing mindset. Utilize online advertising through platforms such as Google Ads and social media to target specific demographics interested in volunteering. Craft compelling messages that resonate with potential volunteers, showcasing the impact they can make.

If budget constraints limit your advertising options, leverage your existing network through targeted email campaigns. Reach out to traditional channels like social media, local newsletters, and local media to broaden your recruitment efforts. Enhance your landing page by featuring precise roles with individual signup links, steering clear of generic calls to action. This strategic approach will not only capture attention but also increase the likelihood of a successful recruitment campaign.

How we can help

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