Five best volunteer signup apps in 2023

What is volunteer signup software?

Volunteer signup software lets organizations provide their volunteers with an option to sign up for specific shifts or tasks themselves. This is usually a calendar that shows available volunteer opportunities, and volunteers can sign themselves up for open slots. This approach helps organizations manage volunteers without much central coordination effort.

Volunteer signup software is similar to volunteer scheduling software, as they are both tools that help organizations match volunteers with the work to be done. However, volunteer scheduling software is usually focused on manually creating and managing schedules for volunteers, adding to the workload of the volunteer coordinator.

Young volunteers signing up for shifts on a whiteboard

Some volunteer software may include both signup and scheduling functionality, while other products may focus on one or the other. It’s important to consider the specific needs of your organization when choosing software to manage volunteers.

What are the best volunteer signup apps?

  1. Zelos Team Management
    A full volunteer management app with a powerful signup feature that is easily customized. One can register participants for shifts, tasks, events or anything else. It also has tools for chatting with volunteers and sending over important information.
  2. BetterImpact
    A volunteer management platform that includes features for scheduling, tracking hours, and reporting on the impact of volunteer efforts. It also has tools for managing volunteers and communicating with them.
  3. SignUpGenius
    A web-based tool that allows organizations to create and manage volunteer signup sheets and schedules. It includes features such as an online form for volunteers to sign up for shifts, a calendar to view available opportunities, and tools for communication and coordination.
    A popular app that can be used for volunteer sign up, as well as for event planning and scheduling. It allows organizations to create sign up sheets for volunteer events and projects, and allows volunteers to easily sign up for specific tasks or shifts. It also has features for communication and reminder notifications.
  5. iVolunteer
    A very simple web tool for scheduling volunteers and planning events, that can also be used over e-mail.