A very simple church volunteer scheduling app

Volunteer management software that drives engagement and youth participation.

Create a free project

Schedule and engage

Get signups to tasks and shifts, and track attendance

Communicate live

Send individual chat messages or set up conversation groups.

Activate your volunteers

Send out live updates and create friendly gamified competitions.

Volunteer management software that grows with your congregation

Quickly schedule church volunteers

Zelos is a volunteer central for posting tasks, shifts, events and any other actionable items for your volunteers to interact with. The goal-oriented approach is great for activating and empowering the community.

Zelos interface is user friendly and super easy for volunteers to learn, regardless of their age or tech ability. Your volunteers can use our simple mobile apps, or access their schedules and information on a desktop computer.

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How does it work?

Free church volunteer management software

And when we say free software, we mean free. At low volumes, all basic Zelos features are free forever. The pricing does not depend on the number of volunteers.


What are the benefits of using a digital app to manage congregation volunteers?

Using a digital app to engage church volunteers can bring numerous benefits to your congregation.

A digital app provides volunteers with easy access to information and resources from anywhere at any time. They can quickly check schedules, sign up for volunteer opportunities, and receive updates or notifications. This convenience can attract more volunteers and encourage increased engagement.

A central communication channel can make it easier for volunteers to stay connected with the church leadership and fellow volunteers.

A digital space lets volunteers connect, share ideas, encourage one another, and build relationships beyond their physical interactions. This strengthens the unity and support within the volunteer community, enhancing their commitment and motivation.

When volunteer signups and messages are digital, it’s easy to collect data on volunteer engagement, preferences, and performance. Analytics can help church leaders gain insights into volunteer trends, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions. This data can be valuable for strategic planning, resource allocation, and recognizing the contributions of dedicated volunteers.

Read how St. Johns Salisbury used Zelos to deliver food donations

Church volunteer management software for a modern congregation


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“Without Zelos we wouldn’t be able to organize our volunteer movement. We started helping risk groups in lockdown, and were quickly able to set up a stable volunteer support system for everyone in our community.”

Inna Eizensharf, Welfare center director for the Jewish Community of Latvia

8000 members
50 active volunteers
400 seniors impacted weekly
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