Best apps for assigning tasks to team members

Task management apps for teams are not the same as personal task management apps. Personal apps are great for managing your daily productivity. But they are rarely suitable for coordinating the work of multiple people, or supporting effective communication and collaboration. 

Task management apps for teams 

Luckily there are many apps for assigning tasks to team members. They are designed specifically for teams to collaborate: allow team members to view their tasklist, create new tasks, and share them with others. Often it is possible to appoint administrators who can assign, track and manage tasks on behalf of other team members. 

Zelos Team Management

Zelos is a very simple team task management app for creating central to-do lists. Team members can pick up tasks for themselves and administrators can assign tasks to everyone. You can also organize tasks into groups and categories, and give team members access to relevant tasks only. 

The app can also host gamified competitions to highlight team members who complete most tasks during a certain time period.

It is easy to access the task lists on both desktop and mobile devices. Team members are instantly notified when relevant tasks become available or are assigned to their account.

Team task management software on desktop and mobile

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Team task management apps for all kinds of teams

For small teams, task management may be relatively simple. There are usually a small number of tasks and team members to manage. The focus is on ensuring that tasks are assigned and completed on time. And of course, team members must be kept informed about progress and updates.

Medium teams often have more complex projects and tasks to manage, and more team members need to get involved. They focus on improving collaboration and communication between team members, tracking progress and identifying and addressing any issues or roadblocks.

Large teams may have even more complex projects and tasks to manage, with team members across multiple departments or locations. In this case, task management may involve a greater emphasis on project planning and coordination. With large teams, more sophisticated tools and processes are needed to manage tasks, monitor progress, and communicate updates to team members.

How to choose the best app for assigning tasks to your team 

Good task management software will have all the basic features necessary for task management. You should be able to…

  1. Quickly distribute tasks between team members
  2. Assign tasks from one team member to another
  3. Set deadlines and track the progress
  4. Prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance.
  5. Collaborate on tasks by commenting and communicating in real-time.
  6. Receive notifications and reminders about upcoming deadlines or changes to tasks.

Many apps may have additional features that can be useful, for example..

  • Task dependencies and sub-tasks
  • Time tracking
  • Timezone support
  • Budget tracking
  • Resource allocation
  • Gantt charts
  • AI assistance (automatic task scheduling, intelligent document processing, etc)

Depending on the type of project you’re working on, you may also have additional preferences:

  • Do your team members need a mobile app to check tasks on the go?
  • Would you need multiple team members to collaborate on the same task?
  • Do you need to log any additional information about completed tasks?

When you understand your task management needs and potential workflows, it will be easy to evaluate different task management apps.

Task management for teams

Best task management apps for small teams

Task management apps designed for small teams tend to be affordable and easy to use. They don’t offer a lot of project management features and functionality. And they are not meant for managing complex workflows between multiple departments. 

Do you have a small team that just needs to get some tasks done? Here are some great software options to consider.

  • Todoist

    Todoist is a top choice for managing tasks for a small team due to its simple interface. It is extremely intuitive and easy to use. But it still has everything necessary for managing group projects and delegating tasks to other team members.

    It’s a great choice for mobile teams on the go. You can download apps to your mobile device to check tasks off anywhere.
  • nTask

    nTask is a powerful, yet very affordable app for managing tasks for the whole team. It does not compare with full scale project management software, but it still comes with some extra power. Kanban boards and Gantt charts can be really useful featuresto have in the same app as your task management!
  • is the simplest choice for managing tasks. It is great for teams due to its simple interface and cross-platform compatibility.

    You can easily facilitate collaboration with shared tasklists, comments and real time chats. 

Best task management apps for medium teams 

There is a lot of collaboration software meant for remote teamwork. These are apps meant for teams that work remotely or have members located in different locations. Most of them provide a centralized platform for collaboration and communication. But not all of them are perfect for sharing a tasklist. 

But here are three task management apps that are great for creating a shared to-do workspace for a team.

  • Airtable

    Airtable is a versatile productivity tool that can be adapted to suit a wide variety of team structures and workflows. As it takes a lot of inspiration from simple spreadsheets, Airtable is able to combine multiple functions. Yes, you can have a tasklist. But you can also have project management, document storage, and scheduling.

    There are a lot of ways to set up Airtable. So it can take a bit of time and learning to make it work in a team setting. But once it’s configured, it can really make a major difference for your team productivity
  • MeisterTask

    Are you’re looking for a robust and user-friendly solution for team task management? MeisterTask has excellent teamwork features straight out of the box.

    Easy comments and mentions help team members collaborate on tasks. And you can save a lot of time by automating recurring tasks, task dependencies and task assignments!
  • Quire

    Simplicity and functionality come together in Quire. This app has a very intuitive interface, so it is easy to use for team members of all skill levels.

    It comes with simple communication tools and many integration capabilities. And of course – robust task management features.

Best management apps for large teams

Large teams often have complex workflows, hierarchies, and processes, so advanced features and functionality is a must-have. Every app on the following list comes with a full suite of project management tools and lots of integration options. But they’re chosen to the shortlist based on their outstanding ability to manage tasks for a team.

  • Asana

    The Asana interface is very user-friendly and allows for easy task creation and assignment. It can easily track progress and deadlines in real time. Because there are so many ways to customize and integrate the app, it is a top choice for large teams. You can really tailor the task management workflows to align with team-specific needs.
  • is a comprehensive project management app with extensive integration options. The design is intuitive, so the app is easy to navigate and use.  It is great for assigning and tracking tasks and deadlines, and creating dependencies between the tasks.

    Because the app is so versatile and scales well, it comes with an appropriate price tag. But as the feature set is extremely rich, it is a worthwhile investment for large teams.
  • Wrike

    For teams who need tailored software to fit their specific needs, Wrike offers dashboards and workflows that can be really configured to be your custom software. The advanced reporting and analytics tools provide teams with valuable insights into project performance and resource planning.

    The Wrike interface isn’t very intuitive or attractive, but the wealth of robust collaboration features and advanced functionalities surely compensates for this.