Team management apps for all kinds of teams

Managing people is one of the big challenges faced by teams of all kinds. The last fifteen years have seen a steady flow of solutions focused on making group dynamics simpler, from running local bowling leagues to managing the growth of international corporations. Choosing the right app for your team may seem like a daunting task, so we have made a handy list which you can use to find your team’s perfect fit.

Zelos is a very simple app for real time coordination with your team members. Team members can access their schedules and to-do’s via browser or mobile apps. Zelos keeps team members engaged via gamified competitions and point-based rewards while also helping organizations to identify and solve problems quickly.

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More specific needs? Jump straight to what you are looking for:

  1. Best apps for developer teams
    1. Jira
    2. Slack
  2. Best apps for marketing
    1. Trello
    2. Asana
  3. Best apps for volunteer teams
    1. VolunteerHub
    2. Volgistics
    3. Better Impact
    4. Track it Forward
  4. Best apps for sales teams
    1. SalesScreen
    2. Hoopla
    3. Velocify
  5. Best apps for employee scheduling and time-tracking
    1. Toggl
    2. TimeDoctor
    3. Synchroteam
    4. Shiftboard
    5. Homebase
  6. Best apps for events
    1. Eventmobi
    2. Meetingplay
    3. Social Scavenger
  7. Best apps for sport teams
    1. Teamer
    2. Teamsnap
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Best apps for developer teams

Jira is one of the most popular solutions employed by development teams since it manages the tasks for over 75,000 customers in 122 countries. Jira’s main goal is to ease bug-tracking and project management through a series of collaborative sprints, boards and timelines. Some Jira users include NASA, Skype, Twitter and the Apache Software Foundation. Currently, Jira offers three different solution packages:

  • Jira Core, for general project management
  • Jira Software, for agile project management
  • Jira Service Desk, for IT and business service desks.

Slack (an acronym for Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge) is a collaboration hub that brings people, data, and tools to a single platform to get things done. With over 1,500 integrations, Slack is a tool used by developers from around the world to ease communication, streamline work, automate tasks, and keep conversations organized. Users can communicate in public and private channels, while also being able to have direct conversations with members of their team.

Best apps for marketing teams

Trello is a workflow platform and task list manager launched in 2011. It has over a million active users and dozens of integrations, and its focus is to make collaboration simple via boards (which represent projects) and cards (which are tasks). Each card may include subtasks which also can be used to track project completion or categorize activities.

Asana is a task management app that has the mission to eliminate endless meetings and get rid of micromanagement. Asana works via the concept of lists and kanban boards, which visually organize work at various stages using cards to represent tasks and columns to represent each progress stage. With over 100 app integrations, Asana brings emails, files, and customer tickets together so teams can handle everything from a single place.

Best apps for volunteer teams

Since 1996, Volunteer Hub makes the most out of volunteering by keeping volunteer team members engaged and helping them to track their own activities. This cloud-based software is compatible with other CRM solutions like Salesforce and Blackbaud. It supports all kinds of volunteer organizations and integrates seamlessly with different workflows.

Volgistics manages team members through the entire volunteer cycle. Its features include online volunteer registration, task tracking, and award calculations. Volgistics has a powerful volunteer portal where volunteers can view available activities, check their schedule, and post their hours.

Better Impact allows you to manage volunteers via its online and mobile application. Flexible scheduling, customizable volunteer profiles, clock-in/out, and individual notifications are some of the features offered by this solution.

Track it Forward switches volunteering out of paper and spreadsheets to a digital system. It eases volunteer registration, event sign-ups, time-tracking and progress reports. Volunteers can log their time on the go via a mobile app, which also enables them to receive notifications from their organization.

Best apps for sales teams

SalesScreen makes sales a team effort by combining individual motivation with a culture based on a winning mentality. Users can participate in friendly competitions with their peers which incentivize efficiency and deal closure. It also offers managers the chance to create key goals, track sales transparently, give feedback in real-time, and recognize top performers through leaderboards.

Through data management and friendly competitions, Hoopla aims to keep sales departments motivated. It helps communicate best practices among team members by displaying customer success stories and highlighting recent team accomplishments. Its friendly interface keeps team members on the same page, whether they work on-site or remotely.

Velocify is modelled after the sales process to make prospecting simpler by organizing, prioritizing and reporting sales activities according to the team structure and past data. Whether finding the right lead or presenting the right pitch to the right decision-maker, it eliminates guesswork and accelerates proven practices. Velocify combines team strategy with dynamic analytics to improve the success rate of sales reps and the accuracy of sales forecasts.

Best apps for employee scheduling and time-tracking

Toggl makes time-tracking easier by using just a single click to start a new entry or continue a previous task. It also detects idle time and includes reminders so users remember to track their tasks. Toggl is compatible with over 100 apps, so people can seamlessly track their activities while using a variety of tools.

Designed for shift workers, Crew is an app which makes shift scheduling simple while also improving employee/manager communication. The app seamlessly organizes store schedules by covering shifts and distributing them in seconds.

TimeDoctor not only tracks the total time worked by each team member, but also provides a handy breakdown so you can see how much time is spent on every project, client, or task. TimeDoctor’s main strength is its accuracy, which makes calculating billing hours and employee time-based compensation a breeze.

If you need to assign tasks quickly and efficiently, Syncroteam is your best choice due to its service scheduling screen. You can analyze your daily schedule and even track team agendas on a weekly or monthly basis. Syncroteam get rids of guesswork so you can see immediately who is booked and make quick schedule changes. It also suggests time slots based on a variety of factors including the skills required for the tasks, member availability, and even travel distance.

Shiftboard gets rid of spreadsheets, whiteboards and post-it notes and automates rostering processes. It also forecasts resources, keeps track of employees clocking in and out, automatically assigns people to shifts according to their skills, and adjusts work rotations. Synchroteam lets you communicate schedules to employees and allows real-time messaging to avoid chaos while managing teams that work on shifts.

Homebase builds schedules, hires freelancers, and manages tasks via an online job board that keeps everything in a single place. Homebase is used by over 100,000 businesses around the world, helping employees check their work schedule, trade shifts, send messages to other team members, request time off, and estimate their pay.

Best apps for event management

EventMobi is an open event application that strives to keep event attendants engaged from start to finish. Its features include guest registration, live polling, digital signage, surveys and conference updates. You can also get real-time insights via its powerful attendee behaviour reports.

Meetingplay connects event attendees to speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors by helping forge meaningful connections. Users are incentivized to make the most out of events via live-polling, surveys, attendee profiles, public agendas, and activity tracks.

SocialScavenger gamifies the event experience via custom scavenger hunts that may include GPS challenges, stickers, videos, riddles, social media frames and QR code checkpoints. The main goal of this app is to drive engagement by making participation fun and simple for event attendants.

Best apps for sport teams

Teamer provides you with the power to communicate with all members of your team through a single app. You can pick which players for your next match, select and call replacements, send mobile and email notifications, and update your team’s page with real-time information regarding upcoming and current games.

Teamsnap focuses on saving time by streamlining league administration. Some of its features include online registration, player schedule management, club payment tracking, and team public websites for sports teams of all kinds. It also helps to keep games fair and transparent by providing background checks on coaches and players and notifying league participants regarding game results.

Found your perfect team management app?

No matter which tool you choose, it is very important to use it constantly to see the full benefits. Engage your team by assigning tasks and plan their work. Some members may have problems adjusting to working with an app, so be patient while helping them out to understand the ins and outs.

Once your team has adopted a tool, make sure to check the reports section of your task management app every once in a while. By keeping tabs on your performance, you will be able to identify which areas your team is excelling at and which things need to improve so everyone can work better together.