Best team management apps for all kinds of teams

Managing people is one of the big challenges faced by teams of all kinds. The last fifteen years have seen a steady flow of solutions focused on making group dynamics simpler, from running local bowling leagues to managing the growth of international corporations. Choosing the right team management app may seem like a daunting task, so we have made a handy list which you can use to find your team’s perfect fit. Our shortlist compares different software products that are meant for managing people in a certain setting.

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Zelos is a very simple app for real time coordination with your team members. Team members can access their commitments and to-do’s via browser or mobile apps. Zelos can keep team members engaged via gamified competitions and point-based rewards while also helping organizations to identify and solve problems quickly.

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Best team management apps for mobile teams

Mobile teams usually need to track the activities of their team members who work away from a desk, such as field workers or sales representatives. It is often important to communicate with them in real-time.

Mobile team management software typically includes features such as GPS tracking, time tracking, communication and task management.

  • Shiftboard

    Shiftboard gets rid of spreadsheets, whiteboards and post-it notes and automates rostering processes. It also forecasts resources, keeps track of employees clocking in and out, automatically assigns people to shifts according to their skills, and adjusts work rotations. Synchroteam lets you communicate schedules to employees and allows real-time messaging to avoid chaos while managing teams that work on shifts.
  • Homebase

    Homebase builds schedules, hires freelancers, and manages tasks via an online job board that keeps everything in a single place. Homebase is used by hundreds of thousands businesses around the world, helping employees check their work schedule, trade shifts, send messages to other team members, request time off, and estimate their pay.
  • Synchroteam

    If you need to assign tasks quickly and efficiently, Syncroteam is your best choice due to its service scheduling screen. You can analyze your daily schedule and even track team agendas on a weekly or monthly basis. Syncroteam gets rid of guesswork so you can see immediately who is booked and make quick schedule changes. It also suggests time slots based on a variety of factors including the skills required for the tasks, member availability, and even travel distance.
  • Connecteam

    Connecteam has highly customizable features that could be tailored to the business’s needs with an equitable interface. It has multiple features, including digital checklists, communication and engagement, training and recruitment, time tracking and management, task and schedule management, HR and welfare management, knowledge centers, file storage, and a security system for admin access.
  • Crew app

    The Crew app is an industry-leading workforce management suite that has become a frontrunner and example for many alternatives. It is designed to ensure easy communication between the employer and the employees. It uses an in-app instant messaging so that no emails or phone numbers are exchanged. It also helps track employee performance and growth in the organization and relays important information to the management on how well employees execute tasks assigned to them.

Best team management apps for sports teams

Sports team management apps help coaches and team managers to streamline their workflows and improve the overall efficiency of the team. Sometimes it’s important to communicate with players, and in case of youth leagues, involve the parents.

This software typically includes features such as schedule management, communication, performance tracking, player profile management, and sometimes also finances.

  • Teamer

    Teamer provides you with the power to communicate with all members of your team through a single app. You can pick which players for your next match, select and call replacements, send mobile and email notifications, and update your team’s page with real-time information regarding upcoming and current games.
  • Teamsnap

    Teamsnap focuses on saving time by streamlining league administration. Some of its features include online registration, player schedule management, club payment tracking, and team public websites for sports teams of all kinds. It also helps to keep games fair and transparent by providing background checks on coaches and players and notifying league participants regarding game results.
  • Spond

    Spond is a versatile app that simplifies communication and organization for teams, clubs, and groups. It allows for easy event creation, sharing of information, files, photos and polls. Additionally the team can start private messages and group conversations. It is an excellent tool for coaches, team managers, and other sports group leaders looking to streamline communication within the team.
  • Stack Team App

    The Stack Team App is a powerful platform with member management, attendance tracking, document management, live score updates, and event ticketing. Team managers can effortlessly manage their team members’ details, monitor attendance, access important team documents, and easily inform team members and supporters of the latest game scores

Best team management apps for volunteer teams

Volunteer management apps are usually centralized platforms that track volunteer activities and help central managers to communicate with them effectively. They usually include features for registration and onboarding, scheduling and/or signup, communication and reporting. Some may also come timeclock features and reward systems for recognising the more active volunteers.

  • Better Impact

    Better Impact allows you to manage volunteers via its online and mobile application. Flexible scheduling, customizable volunteer profiles, clock-in/out, and individual notifications are some of the features offered by this solution.
  • Track it Forward

    Track it Forward switches volunteering out of paper and spreadsheets to a digital system. It eases volunteer registration, event sign-ups, time-tracking and progress reports. Volunteers can log their time on the go via a mobile app, which also enables them to receive notifications from their organization.
  • Assemble

    Assemble is a cloud-based volunteer management app that helps organizations manage their volunteer programs. The features include volunteer registration and management, task assignment, schedule management, hour tracking, feedback, recognition, and appreciation. Assemble is proud of their robust security measures to protect volunteers’ personal information and privacy.
  • Point

    Point provides the easiest way for volunteer teams to collaborate and manage their tasks. Its core features include volunteer recruitment, task management, event signup, and communication. The mobile app lets volunteers sign up for shifts and events, track their hours, and receive notifications.
  • Wild Apricot

    Wild Apricot keeps members updated and reminds them of dues and events. It is a great app for membership management, subscription fees, and event management. It can also be used for email marketing, website management, and payment processing. Organizations enjoy the wide range of features to manage their volunteers, members, event attendance, and donations.
  • Signup Genius

    SignUp Genius helps volunteers sign up for events, organize and plan the event, track the event hours, and communicate with event organizers. SignUpGenius software features task management, reporting, and analytics features, and it can also be used to communicate with volunteers and receive their feedback.

Best team management apps for remote teams

Remote team members need to collaborate, communicate, and share information seamlessly from anywhere in the world. Remote team management apps provide a centralized platform for keeping everyone connected and aligned.

Most commonly these tools have task management, communication, file sharing, time tracking and reporting features. Some may put extra focus on security and access controls to ensure that sensitive information is protected for remote access.

  • Trello

    Trello is a workflow platform and task list manager. It has over a million active users and dozens of integrations, and its focus is to make collaboration simple via boards (which represent projects) and cards (which are tasks). Each card may include subtasks which also can be used to track project completion or categorize activities.
  • Asana

    Asana is a task management app that has the mission to eliminate endless meetings and get rid of micromanagement. Asana works via the concept of lists and kanban boards, which visually organize work at various stages using cards to represent tasks and columns to represent each progress stage. With over 100 app integrations, Asana brings emails, files, and customer tickets together so teams can handle everything from a single place.
  • provides easy collaborations between employees assigned to the same or similar tasks. It makes it simpler so that teams may handle tasks and projects on a centralized platform effectively and efficiently, with the ability to reflect updates in real-time. It has editable columns that may hold a variety of data kinds, including text, individuals, dates, tags, numbers, timelines, and more.
  • Scoro

    When you think of a proper project management tool, you should think of Scoro. It keeps track of scheduled meetings and tasks, time used and billed, invoices, expenses, files, feedback, and much more. Scoro has a sales hub and a CRM tool that can also record client contact information, previous communications, invoices, shared files, and quotes.
  • Zoho

    Zoho takes full advantage of AI to automate business processes. With the help of its business intelligence capabilities, remote teams can collaborate more effectively. The AI-powered assistant Zia can also assists sales teams in concentrating their efforts.
  • Notion

    Notion helps businesses create and manage knowledge bases for task instructions, coding standards, HR workflows, and more. Notion is easy to link with third-party integrations, for example Google Sheets, Figma, and many many more.

Best team management apps for freelancer teams

For working with contractors and contingent workforce, it’s crucial to keep track of the hours spent on working. Timeclock apps are a perfect tool for collaborating on projects that produce billable hours. 

Besides basic time entry, billing and invoicing, these apps often provide project and task management tools, along with calendar management and communication features.

  • Toggl

    Toggl makes time-tracking easier by using just a single click to start a new entry or continue a previous task. It also detects idle time and includes reminders so users remember to track their tasks. Toggl is compatible with over 100 apps, so people can seamlessly track their activities while using a variety of tools.
  • TimeDoctor

    TimeDoctor not only tracks the total time worked by each team member, but also provides a handy breakdown so you can see how much time is spent on every project, client, or task. TimeDoctor’s main strength is its accuracy, which makes calculating billing hours and employee time-based compensation a breeze.
  • Clockify

    Clockify takes away the problem of tracking time while the job gets done. It helps team members measure their time on company tasks. As an employer, you can manage the services your staff provides and the benefits they stand to gain. This ranges from salaries/wages, leaves, vacation, client invoices, project records, etc. With over 80 plus app integrations, Clockify makes the team working process seamless.

Best team management apps for developer teams

Software development teams need online collaboration tools to manage their workflows and projects. These apps help them manage code, issues, bugs and product planning – usually through customizable task and project management and communication features.

  • Jira

    Jira provides agile project management, issue tracking, reporting, communication, and customized workflows. You and your team can access Scrum and Kanban templates and adapt their operations. Knowing how to export data from Jira can help you to create reports for further analysis of the progress of projects and issues. It is easy to connect with other software programs like GitHub and Slack. Wherever you are, you can still have remote access via the mobile app. Jira is a powerful tool for effective and efficient project management.
  • Slack

    Slack is a comprehensive communication and collaboration platform. Teams can use Slack to manage projects, participate in chats, interact with third-party applications, and collaborate effortlessly across devices and countries. With over 2200+ app integrations, Slack is a great tool to boost team productivity and efficiency. 
  • Jetbrains

    JetBrains is a developer application equipped with a variety of features that help coders get things done. It offers a wide range of integrations and customizations that are crucial to programming jobs. Everything, including shortcuts, plugins, interface customization, and more, may be fine-tuned to support your productivity.
  • ClickUp

    Clipup is a customized task management app with recurring checklists, reminders, comments, Scrum points, status templates, and many other team collaboration features. With task assignments, comments, and shared project views, Clipup makes team collaboration seamless.
  • Wrike

    Wrike is a user-friendly project management tool that is incredibly simple to set up. It provides strong features that boost productivity by optimizing workflows, including reporting, dashboards, file-sharing, notifications, and Gantt charts. Wrike encourages communication and teamwork by making information sharing and real-time updates possible.

Found your perfect team management app?

If not, there are plenty more out there. You can browse software portals for apps in different categories. Hopefully our list of different team management apps has been inspirational. 

As you can see, apps in different categories often have similar features. It’s completely possible that a sports team might actually prefer to use volunteer management software to manage their workflows, or a freelancer team is actually better off with a mobile workforce management app.