The best volunteer management apps in 2024

Are you working with a team of volunteers? If so, these apps will certainly simplify your life as a group coordinator. From simple sign-up apps to custom volunteer management systems, here is a list of the the best volunteer management software used by organizations and events. 

👉 Best free volunteer management apps
👉 Best paid volunteer management apps

Specifically looking for volunteer scheduling apps or software for volunteer signup? We’ve got you covered! See our top choices in the following articles: Five best volunteer signup apps and The best free volunteer scheduling apps.

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Free volunteer management software

Some of the best volunteer management tools come with a free version. There are usually some limitations to the extent to which the app can perform for free. But very often this is more than enough for volunteer management at a small scale or with limited features

Zelos Team Management

Designed to activate the new generation of volunteers, Zelos is an user-friendly app with simple signups and live chats. Schedule and communicate live, host gamified competitions that reward effort.

Zelos is available for free without user limitations. The advanced subscription unlocks unlimited task volumes and endless chat history.

Better Impact

VolunteerImpact is Better Impact’s solution for nonprofits and community organizations. It eases the onboarding, training and scheduling of volunteers.

This platform is on the market both in free and paid versions. The monthly subscription fee is based on the number of volunteers, admins, and the size of organization.


With a portal + mobile app, Point is a one-stop-shop for volunteer program for recruitment and management. It comes with a long list of features from events and schedule management to micro-donations.

The free version lets you do basic volunteer management. Premium tiers unlock the really advanced stuff with monthly payments.


With specialized add-ons and customization options, Sumac is a personalized volunteer manager software, made to suit your current needs. Its Volunteer module enables you to manage the hours of volunteers and works great with the Forms and Reminders add-ons.

Sumac is available for free, but it offers fully-tailored packages with monthly payments.


Schedule volunteering shifts and manage virtual/nonscheduled volunteering hours with this solution. YourVolunteers sends a weekly update to your team, so they are aware of which shifts they have to cover.

YourVolunteers can be used for free with ads. You can remove the ads by upgrading to a monthly subscription or ask for a customized solution quote.

Non-Profit Success Pack 

Also known as NPSP, this is a volunteer management system created by SalesForce. It automates outreach, creates schedules, tracks volunteer progress and exports real-time reports.

Eligible organizations can their account for free, others pay a monthly fee to add this module to their current SalesForce account.

SignUp Genius

SignUp Genius helps you to create and manage digital sign-up sheets. Volunteers can book hours quickly using any device. You can also message group members easily and export volunteer hours reports.

SignUp Genius is available for free (with ads), ad-free memberships sell with a monthly subscription.

A no-frills sign-up app, turns your iPad into a digital volunteer clipboard where volunteers can.. well, sign up. Sort and favorite volunteers, share sign-ups with other organizers, and sync your volunteer schedule with other calendars. offers a free version, and premium packages with affordable monthly subscriptions.


This platform is the perfect solution for organizations who want to manage volunteers in a community forum. Mobilize offers registration forms, in-depth user profiles, and personalized groups.

The app is available both in free and paid versions.

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Higher Logic

Higher Logic is an online community and marketing automation platform for volunteer teams. You can create personalized messages to your volunteers, open e-learning courses, and collect useful activity data for future planning.

Prices are by request, but a third-party site reports monthly subscriptions start at three digits per month.

Track It Forward

Tired of logging volunteer hours? Track It Forward reduces volunteer manager workload with a platform for check-ins and hour tracking. Volunteers can log hours using a selfie, signature, or GPS. Coordinators can also create sign-up sheets, export data to Excel, and manage event RSVPs.

The monthly prices are affordable, and custom solutions are available.


Are you organizing an event? VolunteerHub helps you recruit and manage volunteer schedules, and send them text reminders. This solution also allows coordinators to export their own reports, create their own volunteer database and waitlist. Additionally, team members can book their own shifts and check-in on arrival.

Monthly prices start at triple digits.


The aim of this volunteer manager solution is for organizations to create long-term relationships. Find volunteers according to their specialized skills, manage event shifts, promote special opportunities and check-in volunteers with your phone.

Prices are quoted by request. A third-party site reports that monthly packages start at double digits.


Aimed mostly to private companies, Deputy offers volunteer coordinators the chance to automate volunteer scheduling. It also sends schedule reminders via email, text messaging, or push notifications.

Users can pay a separate subscription for the scheduling and time tracking apps. The pricing depends on the number of users.


Already have your own volunteer database? Import it easily into Volunteer Mark and start scheduling positions, approving shifts, and updating your volunteer records. You can also target emails to certain volunteer groups and track volunteer h.

VolunteerMark offers a free month to new accounts and has three paid tiers to choose from.


Assemble aims to replace brick-and-mortar offices with a digital volunteer hub. With this app you can schedule shifts, share news and social media posts with your team. But you can also verify expense claims, and host your own community forum.

Assemble comes in three different subscription categories, and prices are available on request only.

Volunteer Match

Need extra hands? VolunteerMatch runs a network of over 13 million volunteers. By becoming a member, organizations can post volunteer opportunities, send targeted alerts, streamline the volunteer qualifications process and create custom questionnaires.

Monthly memberships are affordable to most nonprofit organizations.


Released in 2004, Volgistics is a system that helps you to recruit, contact, and track volunteers. It can manage both small and large teams. Volgistics also offers VicTouch, an onsite check-in app which enables volunteers to sign in by touching a screen.

Prices are very affordable and vary according to the features used.


Rosterfy helps you to manage your team better through a centralized platform. You can search for volunteers according to their skills and experience. Volunteers can book shifts, manage their schedule, and even swap hours with others.

The price is crispy, but nonprofit discounts are available.

Golden volunteer

Golden is an all-round nonprofit suite that offers donation management and volunteer recruitment (also through their own volunteering portal, if you’re U.S. based), but also volunteer scheduling, communication and management features.

There is an affordable pricing tier that gives you access to the very basics. To access advanced features and additional integrations, their team will present you with a custom pricing offer.


Volunteero is a UK-based volunteering portal that offers also volunteer management features. The management system is focused on task signup and reporting. The volunteering portal allows public search for opportunities in the United Kingdom.

The pricing is based on the number of active volunteers. Discounts are offered case by case to registered charities, depending on the size of the team and length of the project.

How to choose the best volunteer management system?

As you can see, there are many options for volunteer coordinators who strive to become more efficient.

Choosing the perfect volunteer management system can seem overwhelming at first, but a systematic approach and lots of common sense will help you find the perfect match in no time.

First things first, pinpoint your organization’s unique volunteer management needs. Think about the number of volunteers, their activities, and any specific communication, scheduling, or reporting requirements they might have.

Now, set clear goals for your volunteer management system. Are you aiming to streamline applications, enhance communication, automate scheduling, track hours, or beef up reporting capabilities? Defining your objectives will guide you in prioritizing features during the selection process.

With your ideal system wishlist in hand, it’s time to explore. Check out our shortlist and dive into websites and online reviews. Don’t forget to tap into the wisdom of other organizations or nonprofit colleagues for recommendations. Their experiences can shed light on usability, customer support, and overall performance.

As you evaluate applications, separate the must-haves from the nice-to-haves. Focus on your core needs before getting distracted by the bells and whistles. Consider future growth – your volunteer program may expand, so choose a system that can scale with you and adapt to changing requirements.

Most apps offer free account registration or trial periods. Reach out to providers for product demonstrations. A solid system not only provides user support but also has responsive customer service. Check for available training resources to ensure a smooth onboarding process for your staff and volunteers.

Take your time, involve key stakeholders like volunteer coordinators and administrators, and gather feedback. Consider the needs, age, and digital skills of your volunteers. The goal is to make an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your organization’s requirements. Happy volunteering!

How to implement volunteer management software?

Ready to start? Implementing your new system will a breeze with these practical steps:

  1. Actually craft a plan for implementation. Break the steps down into bite-sized phases to keep things smooth. Think data migration, system setup, staff training, and user testing. It’s your roadmap to success.
  2. Don’t forget data migration. Do you have existing volunteer data? Plan a seamless migration. Accuracy is key. Tweak those system settings, customize fields, and set up user roles like a pro. Your organization’s unique needs should guide the way.
  3. Train like a pro: Empower your staff with killer training sessions. Cover everything from system basics to data entry and reporting. Keep the support flowing—questions and concerns are part of the learning curve.
  4. Spread the news: Time to spill the beans to your awesome volunteers. Tell them about the shiny new system and why it’s a game-changer. Any tweaks to their application process or scheduling? Lay it out. Give clear instructions, address concerns, and get them on board.
  5. Watch, learn, and tweak: Keep a close eye on how the system’s doing. Ask your staff and volunteers for feedback. Spot a hiccup? Tackle it head-on. Evaluate if your objectives are getting the love they deserve. Adapt and tweak for the win.
  6. Level up with continuous improvement: The journey doesn’t end at implementation. Regularly peek under the hood. What’s working? What needs a little love? Talk to your volunteers, stay in the loop on updates, and amp up your management game.

Choosing the right tool isn’t just a tech move; it’s your secret weapon for running a smooth volunteer show. Rock that informed decision, amp up your efficiency, and let the good vibes of impactful volunteering roll! Cheers to making a real difference! 🚀